Sony Playstation2 Game Cheats
Gadget Racers
Also known as: Penny Racers (EU)
Also known as: Choro Q HG (Japan)

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Faster time:
While you are flying and your wings are about to retract, pause game play. The wings will retract while the game is paused, giving you a quicker landing and possibly a faster time.
Faster time (2): If you brake while you are bouncing, you will stop bouncing faster, but may lose your stability momentarily.
Chicken car: When you play Super Chicken Race, race with wings equipped on your car (which can be any vehicle). When you play the Super Chicken Race, intentionally drive off the cliff after the goal. Your wings should activate, taking you to a remote island. On that island, you will find a chest. Run into the chest, and the race will end. You will not earn any money, but the game will present you with a Chicken car.
Drive faster in water: When you are riding in water and using an AT (automatic transmission), shift down one gear. You should go slightly faster. You have to watch the gear bar, because it will shift itself up again. Keep the gear steady and you can shave off a few more seconds.
Drive faster underwater: This trick is easy to do if you have a MT (manual transmission). If you are going underwater, shift it to third gear. It will speed up, due to it being a power gear like everything else.

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