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Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone
Alt. name(s): Forgotten Realms: DemonStone

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Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone
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Unlocking secret books:
Successfully complete the following levels to unlock the corresponding secret book: Attack at Cedarleaf: Zhai's Past. The Wizard's Tower: Khelben's Letter. The Jungles of Chult: Illius' Youth. The Yuan-Ti Temple: Nesme's Fall. Stand at Mithral Hall: Cireka's Vow Drizzt's Journal. Into the Underdark: Ygorl And The Dragon.
Unlocking pictures in the picture gallery: Successfully complete the following levels to unlock the corresponding picture in the gallery: War in Damara: Battlefield. Gemspark: Concept Art. Attack at Cedarleaf: Cedarleaf. The Wizard's Tower: Wizards Tower. The Jungles of Chult: Chult Jungle. The Yuan-Ti Temple: Chult Temple. Stand at Mithral Hall: Mithral. Into the Underdark: Githyanki Outpost.  The Dragon's Lair: Dragon. The Lord of Chaos: Limbo.

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