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Enter one of the Names below, as a profile name to enable the Effect you require. After you have entered the cheat name, you can rename your profile to any name you wish.

Effect .... Name
Give you all cars and tracks .... GIVEALL
Gives you $40,000 .... GIVECASH
R1 fires a ragdoll .... RAGDOLL

How to get easy money:
Run over obstacles to get extra money (for example, beams on construction sites and wooden fences).
How to get easy money (2): Try not to finish in last place. You still get bonus money if you are in fourth through seventh place.
How to get easy money (3): When you first start career mode, buy the Grinder (the third or fourth car that looks like a Mustang). Do about half the races in the Bronze class. Upgrade your car with the money you have, then go to the Bonus class races and select the High Jump. When you start, go down the ramp and over the first hill/jump as fast as you can; but do not hit the nitro/launch yet. As soon as you land off the first hill, hold Nitro to charge up as you go up the second and final ramp. At the top, let go. If done correctly, your driver should fly very high and over the top of the whole ladder thing in front of you, and perhaps even over the net that is supposed to catch you. This is the best combination of car and technique to score huge in this challenge. For some reason you cannot do this with the faster cars that are unlocked later. Keep your Grinder a little bit longer after completing the Bronze class and earn as much money as you can by doing the High Jump stunt challenge.

The re-enable codes game glitch: After you enable a code, it will normally be disabled. However if you reset the PlayStation2, remove the memory card, enable the code again, then put the memory card back in and load your profile, it will work again.
The fly off map game glitch: Enable the "All cars and tracks" code, then do a quick race. Choose one of the last six cars (they are the fastest) and choose the "Crashalley Run" race in the Bonus Class races. It is the last one on the right. When the race starts, do about the first two laps so that you have a nitro boost. You should have earned one by now, as there are many cars flying around to smash into. Once you have some nitro, go as fast as you can down one of the bumpy straightaways. When the turn comes up, hit the nitro and blast into the wooden and concrete barriers that make up the edge of the track slightly to the right. Your driver should fly out and go far away from the track, going over the edge of the map and fall into blackness. The game will reset after a while.
The fly through walls game glitch: During the Bonus "High Jump" race, notice when your driver flies through the air and is about to go into the seating area of the stadium, he will hit an invisible wall and falls to the ground, or get caught in the big net. To fly through the seating area and other parts of the stadium, use the following trick. Use the car called the "Trasher" and enter the Highjump stunt. For some reason the Trasher gets you the most air when going off the ramp. Go off the jump ramp and launch as usual, except just before the car leaves the ramp steer slightly to the right. Release Nitro to launch your driver. If you are lucky, he will somehow bypass the invisible wall, fly through the seats, and hit the ground under it. How high you went will be recorded as usual. Also, if you go high enough (over the 100m mark on the ladder) you can see the edge of the map and beyond.
The stuck in fence game glitch: If you go far enough in the High Jump bonus game (hold R1 at the bottom of the ramp, then release about half a second off the ramp) you will hit the fence wall and get stuck in it. If you wait long enough, the rag doll person will start sliding down the fence.

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