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Method one:
Equip your weakest character with the Gunner Dress Sphere and the Cat Nip accessory. When the enemy kills your weakest character, revive her with a Phoenix Down. Since she is weak, the Cat Nip accessory will take affect. Use Trigger Happy. With every shot of Trigger Happy, you will do 9999 points of damage.
Method two: After you get the Dark Knight Dress Sphere, it has the attack Darkness that hits all enemies on the screen. However, it takes HP to use this attack. If you equip the Ragnarok accessory that disables MP use when casting spells, then you can use the Darkness attack and it will not take any HP. This is very helpful against the huge fiend in the desert.
Method three: Use the following trick to kill any Boss with ease. First, you need the Cat Nip accessory, which is obtained by killing the Boss at level 40 of the Bevelle Dungeon. Equip it to any girl and have them use the Lady Luck Dress Sphere. Have Lady Luck learn Four Dice and you are all set. During the battle, kill off your Lady Luck character, then revive her with a Phoenix Down. Keep the Lady Luck girl's HP in the yellow to activate the Cat Nip's special ability -- when your HP is in the yellow all attacks will deal 9,999 damage or healing items will heal 9,999. Use this is combination with Four Dice and you can kill any Boss with ease. Note: If your luck is not that good, then you can substitute Lady Luck with Gunner and use a level 3 Quick Trigger. This trick is especially useful when battling Trema.
Method four: This strategy works best later in the game. Have Yuna with Alchemist Dress Sphere and use Stash Mega Potion to heal the group 2m000 health. At times when everyone has full health, mix a Holy Water and any gem to do about 10,000 damage. Have Rikku or Paine and equip one with the Dark Knight and the other with the Berserker Dress Sphere. Have the Dark Knight continuously cast Darkness and the Berserker cast Howl then Berserk. Most Bosses can be taken out in no time.
Method five: Have Yuna master both Black and White Mage Dress Spheres. Then, equip her with Black and White Lores.
Method six: This trick also works for Black Mages. Set your cursor to "Memory" in the configuration menu. Set up any combination of Dress Spheres including a White Mage. Then, enter a battle in a fairly easy location. Have your White Mage Pray, another character attack, and the other doing anything that does not use MP. If you are using a Black Mage, learn Focus and have them use that. Once you have your pattern set up, tape X down. After the battle, equip the Lure accessory then tape any D-pad direction. This will allow the game to keep fighting, and your characters will continue doing what you set up for them because of the memory function (X is still held).

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