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When fighting the Aeons such as Shiva or Ifrit, use the Garment Grid Tetra Master. It makes it a lot easier if you are attacking with the four elements.
Angra Mainyu: Angra Mainyu has 333,444 HP. Before the battle, stock up Gems, Elixirs, Mega-Potions, Mega-Phoenixes and X-Potions. The Boss has three parts: Angra Mainyu, Tawrich, and Zarwich. Angra Mainyu does not have too powerful attacks, but look out for Flare. It can deal up to 9,999 damage. He also has Perdition's Flame, which reduces HP to about half. Those are the only attacks to be concerned about from Angra. Tawrich has an attack that is done the eighth turn every time that deals about 100 damage and also puts Silence, Darkness, Poison, and sometimes Confuse statuses on each character. When this happens, have an Alchemist use Mix with two Remedies. Zarwich has one attack of concern that takes four points from your main stats and drains MP. Start the battle by having an Alchemist always mixing Holy Water and any type of Gem to do about 10,000 damage. Have a White Mage heal the party when needed. Also, cast Protect and Shell, just in case. Have an offensive class (Dark Knight recommended) to attack the entire time. Fight him when at about level 50 to 60. After defeating him, you will get a ribbon and only 4,300 experience points.
Anima: When facing Anima in chapter 5, all he does is attack and Pain. If you cannot defeat him by healing and hacking, level up and try again.
Baralai (method one): Raise your characters to about level 25. Have Yuna as a White Mage and use her Prayer ability. Have Rikku and Paine as warriors. Make sure one of the warriors have the Assault ability. This will cause the warriors to kill Baralai in at least thirty seconds.
Baralai (method two): Have everyone at level 25 and set them all as Thieves. When the battle starts, simply use a Chocobo Wing to put the entire party under Haste. After this, hold X. You should be able to defeat him in about two or three turns. Also, since Thieves are the fastest class, he should not have much time to attack you.
Baralai (method three): Have Yuna as a Gunner, Rikku as a Thief, and Paine as a Warrior. Watch for his major attacks. Have someone be a Curer with Potions and Phoenix Downs.
Black Elemental (method one): Note: This is the Boss on the 40th floor of the Cloister Of Trials. Enter the fight with all three of your characters as Gunners that have mastered the Table Turner ability. Before the battle, equip all of your characters with an accessory that protects against Berserk. As soon as the battle starts, have all three use Table Turner. This should do massive amounts of damage to the Boss, since his defense is 255 with some luck you can kill him before he gets a chance to cast Ultima.
Black Elemental (method two): The Black Elemental is found on the 40th floor in Via Infinito at Bevelle. He can cast Flare which can cause 9,999 damage. An easy way to defeat it is to have a White Mage or someone else cast Reflect on the entire party. The Black Elemental has almost no physical attacks. All of its attacks will be reflected back, even Flare. Keep attacking while it hurts itself to quickly defeat it.
Chac: Note: This is the Boss on the 80th floor of the Cloister Of Trials. Chac is a unique Boss, since it has the ability to Stone your characters even if they are equipped with accessories that nullify Stone. Also, there is a good chance that he will Oversoul at the start of the battle. First, make sure that you have one character as a Gunner with the Trigger Happy level 3 ability learned. Make sure your Gunner is also equipped with the Cat Nip accessory and is using the Highroad Winds Garment Grid. This will let your Gunner attack as soon as the battle starts. After this is done, lower your gunner's HP until it is in the yellow range. Try using the central lift, kill your Gunner, then bringing them back to life after you have killed the enemies. It is important that you do not save your game, as this will completely heal your gunner. As soon as the fight, starts have your Gunner use Trigger Happy level 3. This will cause 9,999 damage to the Boss on each hit made with Trigger Happy. While your Gunner is using Trigger Happy, have your other two characters use Softs and Phoenix Downs on anyone that needs it. Remember to give your Gunner first priority for healing. After hitting Chac with Trigger Happy three to five times, he should be defeated.
Concherer: Note: This is the Boss on the 60th floor of the Cloister Of Trials. Before entering this fight, there are a number of things you must do. First, make sure that you have one character as a Gunner with Trigger Happy level 3 ability learned and equip them with the Cat Nip accessory. After this is done, you need to lower your Gunner's HP until it enters the yellow range. Try using the central lift and killing your Gunner off, then bring them back to life after killing the enemies. With these steps done, you are now ready to take on Concherer. It is very important that you do not save your game. Doing so will completely heal your Gunner. As soon as the fight starts, have your Gunner use Trigger Happy level 3. This will cause 9,999 damage to the Boss for every hit you make with Trigger Happy. While your Gunner is using Trigger Happy, have your other two characters use Phoenix Downs to bring back any downed allies. If there are none, then they should be using a Phoenix Down on your Gunner even if they are still alive. It should take your gunner two to three turns to take down this deadly Boss.
Machina Panzer Boss: Defeating the Machina Panzer Boss at the Thunder Plains in Chapter 4, depends on what you did in Chapters 3, 4,and perhaps 5. In random battles of those chapters, you may have noticed little annoying enemies called Watchers. Kill them first in every battle by only attacking and using no other abilities. Each of the Watchers came from the Machina Panzer. The Watchers report each and every skill that was used, and those abilities will be sealed from being used in battle with the Boss. The Machina Panzer can use those abilities in the battle. As the battle continues, more Watchers appear, scanning your abilities. Kill them first, then continue to attack the Boss and the battle should end quickly.
Magus Sisters (method one): When facing the Magus Sisters in chapter 5, focus all your attacks at the little one first, because she has the lowest HP. If you kill her first, then they will not be able to perform their Overdrive. Next, go after the tall one since she has a strong attack. Do not forget to cast Shell and protect on yourself. Just keep hitting them until they die.
Magus Sisters (method two): To defeat them easily, level up and have a high HP. Then, focus your attacks on the fatter sister so they cannot use Delta Attack. As long as she is alive, they can use that attack. Then, attack the taller one. Heal if necessary. Finally, attack the smaller one. It may be difficult, but it is effective.
Magus Sisters (method three): There are two ways to go about this. First, it is recommended that you defeat Cindy first. This will take away their chance of healing and Not-So-Mighty Guard. She has a lot of health, so this will not be easy. Start the battle with a White Mage and two strong attackers. Be sure you have about ten X-Potions and a few Mega Phoenix. Try using a Samurai with Fireworks and Fingersnap. Fireworks is extremely strong and is capable of over 900 damage to each character. At first, have both of your attackers take down Cindy quickly. Have your White Mage cast Protect first, then Shell, or use accessories that nullify elemental damage; Mindy can cast those very quickly. Chances are they will execute at least one Delta Attack. After this, have your attackers use an X-Potion and have your White Mage cast Curaga. It is likely that Mindy will use magic before you can heal, but if she uses Passado, it will do no damage all fourteen times. Use Dispel and Fingersnap on the other two after Cindy is dead. Then, focus on Sandy, then Mindy. If you use a Samurai, the Nonpearil skill will guarantee a hit every time. Keeping your party healed is crucial to this battle. Have your White Mage cast either Cura or Cure throughout the entire battle. Prayer will be too weak and if you leave them un-Shelled, Mindy's magic and Passado will to tremendous damage. Sandy's Razzia will also leave you in trouble, but Shell will decrease the damage about half, and Protect will also cut Passado's damage considerably. Using Haste or Chocobo Feathers will also be beneficial, as you can score more hits on Cindy or whatever sister you choose to eliminate first.
Mega Tonberry: On the 41st floor and above in Via Infinito, the Mega Tonberry will appear. You can also avoid it, but if you accidentally run into it, you will have a very difficult battle. If you are level 75 or below, you have no chance of defeating it except by extreme luck. The best chance of defeating it at a low level is to use the Cat Nip with the level 3 Trigger Happy strategy. Even sp, you might not be able to defeat it if you do not hit it enough, as it has 48,600 HP. It also has no advantages to fighting it, as it only results in 2,600 experience points, little gil, and only 2 or 3 AP. The best strategy is to just avoid it.
Shinra: To defeat Shinra in the Sphere Break Tournament during Chapters 3 and 5, have at least one Coin that has Coin Count Echo ability. To do a Coin Count Echo, use the same number of Coins to get a Core Break as many times as possible. For example, if Core says to make a multiple of 9, use the Coins 5 and 4. If the Core says to make a multiple of 8, use the Coins 4 and 4. The Echo Bonus will keep adding up and will eventually add a major bonus to the quota required (for Shinra it is 50). Shinra's Core Sphere sometimes messes your Echo Bonus by requiring you to make a multiple of 1. If this happens in the last few turns of the match, select as many Border Coins as possible without using them all. Defeat Shinra and you will receive the Lady Luck Dress Sphere. Note: If Coins on the grid contain Item or Rare in their abilities, use them and you may receive the Treasure Hunt Garment Grid.
Shiva: At the beginning of Chapter 5, talk to Rikku's brother. He will ask you five things. Choose the first option twice and you will go to a hole inside Shiva's temple. Keep going down and you will find Shiva. She is quite weak, but there is one thing she can do. She will use Heavenly Strike on you. When that happens, your character will be frozen and will not be able to move for about four turns. Try to level up a lot and use Haste because she is very fast. Have someone cast Shell and Protect so that the damage will be reduced. When that is done, keep hacking at her until she dies.
Shuyin: When you fight Shuyin, attack with all the party members as a Gunner. Use the level 3 Trigger Happy every round and use a Hi Potion when needed. If your Trigger Happy does 150 to 200 damage, you should defeat him in less than five rounds.
Vegnagun: Have all of your characters above level 45. Have two of your characters equip the Dark Knight Dress Sphere and the other with the Alchemist. Equip the Dark Knights with any accessories that boosts their health up to 9000. Equip the Alchemist with the anything that raises her defense. Defeating Vegnagun is easy. Use the Dark Knight's Darkness attack every round and have the Alchemist use her stock of Mega Potions or Mix Potion with a Hi Potion every round. Repeat this until you defeat Vegnagun.
Yojimbo: Get the Alchemist Dress Sphere. After learning Mega-Potion, make a party with two offensive jobs and one Alchemist. Equip something that prevents Poison and also equip a Regen Bangle. Yojimbo also has a pet dog that is not difficult, but is annoying when Yojimbo casts his spell and lowers the party's HP to 1. He always attacks you. Start the battle by having the Alchemist use Stash Mega-Potion. Have the other two classes keep attacking Yojimbo. When Yojimbo uses his attack, the Mega-Potion will heal the party by 2000. Repeat this until Yojimbo is defeated.

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