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Easy Sphere levels:
Catch all the monsters in the Calm Lands and then get the Chimerageist at the Monster Arena and fight it multiple times. Along with normal levels, you will get Return Spheres. Go to the Sphere Grid and use Return Spheres to go to an already activated Sphere with an un-activated one next to it. Activate it and use the Return Spheres to move to it. Repeat this to get as many as desired and keep fighting Chimerageist to get more Spheres and Dark Matter.
Jecht Sphere locations: 1. Obtained automatically after defeating the Spherimorph. 2. Besaid Village, to the right of the temple. 3. Onboard the S.S. Liki. 4. Luca Stadium in Basement A of Auroch's locker room. 5. Mi'hen highroad, southern most part. 6. Mushroom rock road, near the elevator. 7. South Moonflow. 8. South Macalaina Woods. 9. Mt. Gagazet. 10. Entrance/path to Thunder Plains; where two men tell you to see Seymour.
Easy Sphere levels trick: This trick requires lots of gil. For level 3 Key Spheres, go to the Omega Ruins and run around until you fight a Demonolith. You can bribe one for 900,000 gil to get 40 level 3 Key Spheres. Getting level 4 Key Spheres is even easier; go to the Calm Lands and run around (preferably in the northwest, as they appear in battles more often there) until you fight a Chimera Brain. You can bribe it for only 196,000 gil to get two level 4 Key Spheres.
Save a Sphere level: You must have a Return Sphere. Go to the node that you used, then use the Return Sphere.
Moving around the Sphere Grid: You can get around the Sphere Grid easily if you have done the Monster Arena quest to get Chimerageist, as you will win Return Spheres. If you are on the Sphere Grid with FX. a MP sphere ahead of you, activate it. Use the Return Sphere to get to it with no Sphere Grid level used. Note: Sometimes there are empty spots; you must use a sphere level or fill it with a special attribute sphere. Also, if you have the Magus Sisters, you can beat Chimerageist faster and with better chances for overkill, so you would get two Return Spheres. It sometimes drops Dark Matter.
Luck Spheres: When going through Macalania Temple (where you acquired Shiva) after fighting Seymour, you can place the Destruction Sphere in the appropriate slot to reveal a Luck Sphere. After you take it, return to the room where you fought Seymour. Then, go back into the Trials again. It has been reset (including the chest holding the Luck Sphere). You can repeat the puzzle again and take as many Luck Spheres as desired.
Magic Defense Spheres: If you are training and trying to get a lot of Magic Defense Spheres and are running low on money, just fight One Eye at the Monster Arena until you get all the Magic Defense Spheres desired. Sell all the extra weapons you get from One Eye after the battle to Rin (the AlBed on the airship).
Getting the last Music Sphere: After purchasing all the Music Spheres (#1 to #68), talk to the man again and he will offer the last three Music Spheres, which are #69 Hum Of The Fayth, #70 Lulu's Theme, and #71 Wakka's Theme, for 40,000 gil.
Music Spheres: The set costs 136,000 gil and special Music Spheres 176,000 gil. The individual cost is 2,000 gil. There are 71 Music Spheres altogether. There names are: Zanarkand, Prelude, Tidus' Theme, Run!!, Creep, Battle Theme, Enemy Attack, Game Over, Out of the frying pan, Victory Fanfare, Leap in the Dark, Underwater Ruins, The Blitzers, Wandering, Besaid, Spira Unplugged, Phantoms, The Trials, The Summoning, Braska's Daughter, Yuna's Theme, Good Night, Decision on the Dock, Movement in Green, A Fleeting Dream, Calm Before the Storm, Face Off, Grand Maester Mika, Luca, The Splendid Performance, Auron's Theme, Blitz Off!, Mi'ihen Highroad, Chocobo Jam, The Travel Agency, Seymour's Theme, Moment of Truth, Djose Temple, Ridess The Shoopuf?, Rikku's Theme, Oui Are Al Bhed, Guadosalam, Thunder Plains, Jecht's Theme, The Burning Sands, The Wedding, Assault, Tragedy, Believe, Servants of the Mountain, Macalania Woods, Via Purifico, Bravely Forward, The Unsent Laugh, Seymour's Ambition, Illusion, Yuna's Decision, Nostalgia, Peril, Launch, Challenge, Beyond The Darkness, The Void, The Truth Revealed, Pursuit, Gloom, Patricide, The Temple Players, Hum of the Fayth (special), Lulu's Theme (special), Wakka's Theme (special).
Movie Spheres: 01: Zanarkand, 02: We Call It "Sin", 03: Sinspawn, 04: This Is It!, 05: Blitzball!, 06: A Summoner Is Born, 07: Lulu's Contempt, 08: Kimahri's Challenge, 09: Fear On The Sea, 10: Sin Arises, 11: Sin's Threat, 12: Futile Resistance, 13: Failure, 14: Kilika Dusk, 15: The Dance, 16: Luca Harbor, 17: Let The Games Begin!, 18: The Legend Lives, 19: The Dark Aeon, 20: No Better Plan, 21: Judgment, 22: Ex Machina, 23: Sin's Wake, 24: Reunion, 25: Metropolis, 26: Otherworld, 27: Sin Sleeps, 28: Homecoming, 29: Dry Dock, 30: Nayto Du Ku!, 31: Leaving Home, 32: The Glory Of Yevon, 33: The Red Carpet, 34: False Vows, 35: Believe, 36: The Spring, 37: The Summit, 38: The Last Chapter, 39: Sinrise, 40: Departure, 41: The Approach, 42: Terra Gravitation, 43: Gravity Sucks, 44: Heaven's Fall, 45: Vena!, 46: Machina Redux, 47: Sinfall, 48: Evenfall, 49: Face Off, 50: Breaking Through.

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