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Find different Jecht Spheres laying about the world. Some of these will give Auron a new Overdrive. You need to find all ten to get Auron's final Overdrive.
Kimahri: Use the Dragon Sword ability to drain HP and MP from the enemy. If the enemy has a Blue magic skill that Kimahri can learn, he will gain it automatically. The only one that is difficult to get is "Sunshine", which you obtain from the Omega Weapon.
Lulu: Rotate the Right Analog-stick clockwise as fast as possible. The number will go up the more you rotate it. The more you level Lulu up, the easier it is to cast multiple spells.
Rikku: Rikku's Overdrive combines items to create special attacks and power-ups during battle. You have to choose any two items to combine. Note: Two of the same kind will work.
Tidus: Just keep using them over and over. After a while, he will learn his next Overdrive.
Wakka: You can win new Overdrive roulette (slots) types in the Blitzball Ranking and Tournament modes.

Seed Cannon: Ragora species (Kilika Woods)
Aqua Breath: Biran and Yenke Ronso (Mt. Gagazet), Chimera species (Macalania Woods, Home, Calm Lands, Monster Arena)
Stone Breath: Biran and Yenke Ronso (Mt. Gagazet), Basilisk species (Djose Highroad)
Bad Breath: Malboro species (Calm Lands, Omega Ruins
Thrust Kick: YKT species(Bevelle, Zanarkand Ruins)
White Wind: Biran and Yenke Ronso (Mt. Gagazet), Dark Flan (Mt. Gagazet Caves)
Mighty Guard: Behemoth species (Zanarkand, Sin, Monster arena)
Fire Breath: Biran and Yenke Ronso (Mt. Gagazet), Dual Horn (Mi'ihen Highroad)
Self Destruct: Bomb species(Airship, Mi'ihen Highroad, Mt. Gagazet, Omega Ruins)
Doom: Biran and Yenke Ronso (Mt. Gagazet), Ghost species (Cavern of the Stolen Fayth)
Nova: From Omega Weapon... Nova can also be learned from Nemesis in the Monster Arena after catching ten of every monster in the game and defeating each monster arena creations.


Combines two items to make a more useful or destructive one.

Three Stars + Three Stars = Shining Sun
Twin Stars + Three Stars = Shining Sun
Twin Stars + Twin Stars = Shining Sun
Usually does about 19,998 damage to your opponent(s) unless their strength is fire. It will then recover that target's HP about 19,998 points.

Mega Potion + X-Potion = Mega Elixir
Restores party's HP and MP. If a character has Zombie statys when you do this, that target will have an instant KO instead being healed.

Musk + Musk = Hyper Nul-All
Casts Nul-Fire, Nul-Tide, Nul-Shock, and Nul-Frost on party.

Lightning Gem + Lightning Gem = Thunder Storm
Casts Thundaga randomly on opponents. If there is only one opponent, it will cast six times on that single target.
Water Gem + Water Gem = Tidal Wave
Casts Wateraga randomly six times on all opponents.

Fire Gem + Fire Gem = Heat Wave
Casts Firaga randomly six times on all opponents.

Ice Gem + Ice Gem = Cold Wave
Casts Blizzaga Randomly six times on all opponents.

Antidote + Antidote = Giga-Remedy
Cures all status effects on party.

Grenade + Grenade = Mine Blaster
Inflicts about 504 damage on all opponents.

Star Curtain + Star Curtain = Super Mighty G
Light Curtain + Light Curtain = Super Mighty G
Soft Curtain + Soft Curtain = Super Mighty G
One of above items + one of above items = Super Mighty G
Casts Protect, Shell, Haste, and Regen on party.

Gambler's Spirit + Gambler's Spirit = Trio of 9999


Method 1:
Activate the tutorial console and select "Fiend Info". As the battle goes on, call an Aeon. When the Overdrive gauge is full, use an attack other than the Overdrive. After the battle ends, you Overdrive gauge will be full.
Method 2: Go to Monster Arena in the Calm Lands. Buy weapons with the Capture ability. Capture all monsters from all areas, then go back to the arena and talk to the man. He will give you a lot of items, then he will say that he has created a monster. He will ask if you want to fight it for free. Answer "Yes". The monster is called Catastrophe. When you fight, it will release an attack called Poison Breath. It will do over 10,000 damage and all of your characters that are fighting will die. However, your Overdrive will either be full or very close to being full.
Method 3: To get Tidus' final Overdrive, go to a place where you fight two or three monsters at a time. Charge his final weapon to the maximum and put him as a "Slayer". Use Energy Rain and he should be full after the battle every time. Keep doing this until he gets Blitz Ace.
Method 4: Set your Overdrive mode on Warrior. You must have the Break Damage Limit ability and Ultima magic. If your magic status is more than 200 or is 255, fight with three or more enemies in a battle. Use Ultima at the start of the battle. Your Overdrive gauge will rise very high.
Method 5: When against fighting the Magic Urn in the Cave Of Stolen Fayth, just defend. It will not attack you. However, you will have to set your Overdrive to "Ally".
Method 6: Have Caladbolg with its maximum power and it should have Triple Overdrive. Equip Slayer and kill two enemies and your Overdrive gauge will be filled.
Method 7: Put Tidus, Auron, or Wakka on Slayer Overdrive. Next, have Double or Triple Overdrive. Finally, attack and successfully kill three or more Fiends (best places are Thunder Plains, Macalania Woods and Lake, and Calm Lands).
Method 8: Go to the Monster Arena in the Calm Lands. Set all your party members' Overdrives to "Stoic". Preferably, battle a created monster that can easily kill a party member with one hit. Have at least Auron and Yuna in your party if you do not want waste a lot of gil. Have Auron use Guard on Yuna and have Yuna use Life on party members. Then, switch the party members until each one has been killed.
Method 9: Note: You must have the Slayer Overdrive and the airship in order to do this trick. To get very easy Overdrives, set the designated character to Overdrive mode Slayer. Then, fly to Besaid or Djose Road. Battle the fiends there. They hopefully will be easy for you to defeat, and you will get your overdrive faster.
Method 10: Use the airship to go to Guadosalam. The Inn you are in will have a Tutorial Monitor. Select "Fiend Info" and battle Iron Giant. Call all of your Aeons and have them use Boost. The Iron Giant will miss every time. Then, use your characters to kill it. In five minutes you will have all Aeon Overdrives full.
Method 11: Note: Equip the Victory Overdrive ability and Double Overdrive. Fly to Besaid in the airship and fight. You should have all your Overdrives in about two battles.
Method 12: Set the Overdrive to "Stoic" and go to the Monster Arena. Fight Master Tonberry. When the fight starts, hit Master Tonberry with the person whose Overdrive you want to fill. The Overdrive should be filled in one hit. You will most likely die when he counterattacks.
Method 13: If you want to get Tidus' Blitz Ace Overdrive, have him in the party almost every time you kill the last monster. You should eventually get the Victor Overdrive mode, which puts in one fifth of your Overdrive gauge after every battle. Then, go to a location, such as Besaid, and fight enemies. Kill them quickly. The Overdrive will charge up five battles later.

Rikku's Overdrives:
Rikku's Overdrives are as follows: Grenade, FragGrenade, Pineapple, PotatoMasher, ClusterBomb, Tallboy, BlasterMine, HazardousShell, CalamityBomb, ChaosGrenade, HeatBlaster, FireStorm, BurningSoul, BrimStone, AbaddonFlame, SnowFlurry, IceFall, WinterStorm, BlackIce, Krysta, Thunderbolt, RollingThunder, Electroshock, Thunderblast, Waterfall, FlashFlood, TidalWave, AquaToxin, DarkRain, NegaBurst, BlackHole, SuperNova/SunBurst, UltraPotion, Panacea, UltraCure, MegaPhoenix, FinalPhoenix, MegaElixir, SuperElixir, NulAll, MegaNulAll, HyperNulAll, UltraNulAll, MightyWall, MightyG, SuperMightyG, HyperMightyG, Vitality, MegaVitality, HyperVitality, Mana, MegaMana, HyperMana, Freedom, FreedomX, QuartetOf9, TrioOf9999, HeroDrink, MiracleDrink, HotSpurs, Eccentric
Valefor's immunities:
Being a flying Aeon has an advantage as many enemies cannot hit her. The following list shows which creatures cannot harm Valefor: Bandersnatch, Basilisk, Bunyip, Cave Iguion, Demonolith, Dingo, Dinonix, Dual Horn, Epaaj, Garm, Grendel, Halma, Iguion, Ipiria, Klikk, Machea, Mafdet, Melusine, Mi'ihen Fang, Murussu, Raldo, Raptor, Sand Wolf, Shred, Skoll, Snow Wolf, Swamp Mafdet, Xiphos, Yowie, Zaurus.
Double Overdrive for Aeon: Have Yuna and the Aeon of choice at Overdrive. Then, use Yuna to grand summon the chosen Aeon. Use the given Overdrive, survive the attacks, then use the Aeon's Overdrive, thus giving you a double Overdrive.
Wakka: Overdrive: Wakka's Overdrive is Slots. When the screen appears, press X and get three of the same colored circles... The power of Wakka's Overdrive does not depend on the color of the slot he gets. It is based on elemental damage: yellow for lighting, blue for water, red for fire, and white for ice.
Tidus: Faster Overdrive: Note: Tidus should have high defense and over 2500 HP. Have Tidus learn Haste, Slow, and Slowga. Then, set his Overdrive to "Loner". When you get into a battle (not against a Boss), have Rikku, Tidus, and Yuna in your party. Have Tidus cast Slow or Slowga. When it is Rikku's turn, have her Steal, then run from the fight. When it is Yuna's turn, have her cast Protect on Tidus, then also have her run. Next, have Tidus cast Haste on himself. He should be able to attack up to four or more turns. Have him Guard five times or until he can use his Overdrive. Repeat this if needed.
Tidus: Faster Overdrive (2): Set Tidus' Overdrive to "Loner" and activate it. Fight Defender Z and make sure that it is the only enemy you are fighting. Let Tidus be alone with Defender Z. Cast Provoke on it and it will attack you with only Blast Punch from now on. This halves your HP, but will not damage you when you only have 1 HP left. Cast Haste on yourself and Slow on Defender Z. Keep defending, and do not heal yourself or do damage to the enemy. Wait until your Overdrive is full and use it. Continue until you have a new Overdrive technique or the enemy is defeated. Do this method repeatedly to get all the Overdrive techniques desired. Note: Your "Loner" mode should be activated at all times while doing this trick. Also, note that Tidus gets an Overdrive technique on the number of times he uses his Overdrives.

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