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Disappearing Astral Rod:
At the end of the game when you are battling your Aeons, after you defeat one, Yuna will be shown just before you choose the next Aeon to fight. If you have an Astral Rod equipped on her, the area of the rod around her hands will disappear.
Shorter Ifrit Overdrive: When you use Ifrit's Overdrive when he shoots two fire balls at the enemy, then usually after that he would use a Meteor Strike then throw a huge piece of earth at the enemy. However, when on a Boss he just throws two fireballs then throws a piece of earth at the enemy.
Yojimbo reflection: When fighting Dark Yojimbo, when he uses Zanmato, the sword shows the reflection of Normal Yojimbo, and not Dark Yojimbo.
Remiem Temple's Fayth open: When you first go to Remiem Temple (where Belgemine is located) and the Fayth to the hidden Aeon is closed, battle Belgemine and in the background the seal is gone.
Duel Horn does not attack: The enemy Duel Horn which you run into after Luca for some reason will never attack Valefor.
Wantz floating in the mid-air: When first boarding the S.S.Winno (at midnight), listen to Wakka and Lulu talking once. When the conversation is done, do not listen to the second one. Instead, play the Jecht Shoot Challenge Mini-game, and purposely fail it. Then, before talking to Yuna, go back to the Wakka and Lulu conversation. When Lulu looks up in the sky, look around. You should see Wantz (the escaping man) floating in mid-air.
No Encounter appearance on weapon: When fighting certain enemies, such as Geosgaeno, the item screen that appears when you defeat them sometimes has a weapon on it that has the No Encounter ability. This ability is only available on armors if you do it yourself, but it still works the same.
Replay Al Bhed Home again: Note: This occurs in the International English version of the game. Approach the left Al Bhed from a 1 to 2 o'clock direction. You must be standing very near him when he starts talking. Keep holding Up and press Circle. You will suddenly be able to get past him and run towards Home.
Invisible character: Have a character with Sentinel while fighting any worm. When the worm swallows a character, have the character with Sentinel use it. Then, have your third character attack the worm twice. When the character who was swallowed is being spit out, the Sentinel character will take his place and the damage. Then, the character who was originally swallowed will be invisible until he or she is pulled out, has left for a summon, or the battle ends.

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