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Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy 10, FF10, FFX, FF 10, FF X

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Quicker party:
If you have your three faster characters in your battle party formation, you will always get your initial turns faster. Then, just switch them out for slower characters, allowing them to go instead.
Staying alive: Keep Yuna out of a battle. When someone is about to die, use white magic Cure and they will have full health. Or, use Ifrit and you can heal yourself by using the fire attack on yourself.
Exceed Max Damage: With this ability equipped on your weapon, you can hit for a maximum of 99,999 instead of only 9,999. You need 60 Dark Matter. You can win these from many of the special battle fights at the Monster Trainer. When you equip this ability on a weapon, the name of the weapon changes as well.
Exceed Max HP: This ability equipped in your armor will allow you to have more than 9,999 HP. It is very difficult to raise your HP very far past 9,999, even if you use the additional abilities of HP +30% and similar methods. To gain the Exceed Max HP ability, you need 30 Wings Of Heaven. To gain these items, use the Wairu (Bribe) command. If you bribe the Maruboru in Nagi Plains/Calm Lands and pay the 540,000 gil, he will leave behind two to four Wings of Heaven. You also can get 30 of them for capturing 10 of every enemy for one area of the game.
Break HP Limit: Get the airship (after the battle with Yunalesca), go to search and enter the coordinates for the Omega Ruins(X: 74, Y: 36). Make your way through the ruins until you fight Omega Weapon's shadow. Then, go to the little transporter in front of you. It will take you to another world. Fight your way to the purple light. Having Tidus's Calabolg at maximum power is recommended. It will defeat Omega Weapon's true form quickly. After the battle, you will receive the Genji Sheild. It has the Break HP Limit, which will allow you to surpass 9999 HP.
Tidus: Easy experience: To get Tidus to level up faster, get his double AP weapon which is located in Sanubia Desert (12-16, 41-45). With this weapon, you will be able to level up faster and can get to the ability that you want to learn.
Tidus: Abilities: 10 successful overdrives: Slice And Dice, 30 successful overdrives: Energy Rain, 80 successful over drives: Blitzace.
Tidus: Get Blitzace sooner (1): Get Tidus the Overdrive victor, so that every five battles you win you can use an Overdrive. Fight somewhere you know you can win battles quickly to charge the Overdrive up. Use the Overdrive enough times to get Blitzace.
Tidus: Get Blitzace sooner (2): To get Blitzace for Tidus quicker, put his Overdrive mode into Slayer. When his Overdrive is ready, use Energy Rain only on three enemies. When all three of those enemies are killed, his Overdrive bar will either be filled three quarters or all the way.
Tidus: Get Blitzace sooner (3): First, you must have Auron and Tidus in the party and have the "Victor" Overdrive mode for both of them. Make sure that Auron has learned the Entrust ability. When you get into a battle, make sure that Auron and Tidus both have a full Overdrive. Have Tidus use his Overdrive attack on his turn. If the enemies are not dead yet, have Auron use Entrust on Tidus so that he can use his Overdrive again. If the enemy or enemies are dead, then wait until the next battle and use Entrust on Tidus as soon as possible.
Tidus: Instant overkill: Get Tidus' Overdrive, have Slice And Dice his legendary weapon at full power, and his strength at least at 177. If it is an enemy with armor, have Auron use Armor Break then use Slice And Dice. It should do around 99,999 damage each time. Note: This must be a one enemy battle.
Tidus: Jecht symbols: When Tidus says that he hates Jecht, wait until the scene is over. Have Tidus face towards the screen and you will see Jecht's symbol on his pants and on his chain.
Best place to train: The best place to train in is the Zanarkand Ruins-Cordor area. This is because you get the same amount of AP from here as from Omega Ruins even though they are weak enemies. The monsters at Omega Ruins are more difficult.
Levels: Count all the spheres one person has been to and you have their true level. Note: It can go over 99.
Increase damage: Throughout the game you will acquire Black Magic Spheres. Save them until Lulu has learned her top elemental spells, when Kimari learns Ultima, and when Wakka gets close enough to Flare to learn it. You will need a total of six Black Magic Spheres. Teach Ultima, then Flare, then the elemental spells to Yuna. When she powers up her Nirvana, she can use Ultima and do at least 18,000 HP worth of damage to each enemy for only 1 MP. If you want even more damage, have her learn Doublecast with a Skill Sphere obtainable from enemies in the Omega Ruins. Holy also works well after Yuna powers up her Nirvana. This is effective because Yuna's magic power is double that of Lulu.
Using the Magus Sisters effectively: Many people think that Anima is the strongest Aeon. However, the last Aeon you can get is the Magus Sisters. Sandy the middle sister in battle can deal around 20,000 damage and a critical of 40,000 damage, the same as Anima. Again, there are three Magus Sisters, which gives you more attacks. They are also faster, which aids in fighting enemies like Ultima and Omega Weapons. However, you cannot fully control what the Magus Sisters do. Often, if you tell Cindy to do what you want, she will take a break; and when you do that for Sandy, she will do Reflect. If you command them too much, they will not listen to you when you want them to do something specific. Also, both Aeon's overdrives deal about the same, Delta Attack and Oblivion, even though Delta Attack can only occur when all three Magus Sisters are in the orange level of their Overdrive gauge, while Oblivion can occur once Anima is in its orange level. The Magus Sisters last a lot longer in battle because they can use magic such as Life and Auto-Life. Even though Anima is stronger with one attack, the combined powers of the Magus Sisters exceed the full power of Anima.
Using Yojimbo: You can give Yojimbo even 1 gil, and he can use Wazikashi. He usually uses Kozuka or Daigoro.
Quick attacks: When you are fighting one or more tough monster with HP more than 7000, have Tidus cast any Slow magic on them. Have Rikku Steal items from the monster. Either have Yuna cast Cura or have Auron use potions if needed. Then, have Tidus use Haste on all the characters in battle. After that, repeatedly and quickly press X. Have Tidus use Cheer if desired.
Adding "Break Damage Limit" to weapon: Use 60 Dark Matters to customize any weapon with the "Break Damage Limit" ability.
Adding "Break HP Limit" to armor: Use 30 Wings of Discovery to add "Break HP Limit" to your armor.
Adding "Deathstrike" to weapon: Add sixty Farplane Winds to your weapon to customize "Deathstrike" to it.
Adding "One MP Cost" to weapon: Use twenty Three Stars to add "One MP Cost" to your weapon.
Adding "Pickpocket" to armor: To add "Pickpocket" to any customizable armor, all you need is thirty Amulets. You can get Amulets from either bribing Master Tonberry or defeating the area creation "Stratoavis" in the monster arena.
Adding "Piercing" ability to weapon: Customize a weapon with one level 2 Key Sphere to weapon to add "Piercing" to the desired weapon.
Adding "Triple AP" to weapon: Use 50 Wings of Discovery to customize your weapon with "Triple AP" ability. One-Eye and Shinryu sometimes will drop weapons pre-equipped with "Triple AP" on it.
Adding "Zombietouch" to weapon: Use seventy Holy Waters to add "Zombietouch" to your weapon.
Adding "ZombieWard" to armor: Use thirty Holy Waters to customize "ZombieWard" to your armor.
Low MP spells (1): Equip items with the one MP ability and Magic Booster. This makes each spell cast cost one MP, and Magic Booster makes the damage x1.5 for double the MP. Then, double cast these spells for a cost of only 4 MP.
Low MP spells (2): If you do not have 1 MP or Half MP abilities, use the following trick to use considerably less MP for maximum damage. Have one person with Doublecast and Ultima, and everyone (including the one with Doublecast and Ultima) with Copycat. Doublecast Ultima (180 MP), then have everybody use Copycat (28 MP). After the first 180 MP, it will only cost 28 MP to Doublecast Ultima.
Speak perfect Al Bhed at the start: Play through and collect all the Al Bhed Primers, then save the game. Start a new game. At the point where Tidus first arrives in Spira, he is in the water with a bird on it. When he can move, swim over to the left of the screen. Over on that side is an Al Bhed Compilation Sphere. Make sure that you have the same memory card in that your first game was saved to. Touch the sphere and have it compile the Al Bhed dictionary. Check your key items. You will now find that you have every single Al Bhed Primer that you found in your first game. If you found all 26 of them, you will be speaking perfect Al Bhed, even before meeting Rikku for the first time. Note: If this is done, all the Al Bhed Primers will disappear from the "new" game, as you will already have them. Also, you can roam and get every single Primer in the game except for XXII, which is in the Temple Of Bevelle -- If you did not get it the first time around, you will have to wait until you can get it in the second game. All other Primers can be found at any time in the game.
Get missed Al Bhed Primer: To get the Al Bhed Primer(s) without starting your main file over, start a new game. Do what you have to do, and when you get to the location that you missed the Al Bhed Primer(s), pick the book(s) up and go to a sphere that looks like your save location. There are some that resemble a save location that tell you how good you are in talking the Al Bhed language, but to tell you one that does transfer your Al Bhed Primers go back to your main file then you can go to the first place you went where you were almost eaten by a monster. After you are there, find the sphere on the top right hand corner. Before you select it, it will ask you to get a file. Choose the file that has the Al Bhed Primer(s) that you missed.

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