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In-game reset:
During play, press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Start + Select.
Hidden ending: After defeating Yu Yevon and the FMV sequence begins, allow all the credits to complete. You will see spirits start to gather, like the orbs before Jecht and it will show Tidus swimming to the top of the lake Yuna was looking towards at the end.
Easier Chocobo handling: Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and your Chocobo will be easier to steer.
Quick healing and restoration: Every time you save the game at a save point, it will completely heal all the party members, revive all summons and completely heal MP.
Finding the Cactuars: Lobivia: In the Oasis section of Bikanel Desert. Toumeya Toumey: Sunbathing on the beach of Besaid Island beach past the port. Lobeira: Inside the treasure room where you found the second half of the Crimson Sphere in Leblanc hideout. Areq and Arroja: On the Calm Lands just before you enter Mt. Gagazet. Islaya: In the northern part of the Thunder Plains, should be the ninth one. Ciapa: On the highest point overlooking Kilika Port and Kilika Wood. Look for a place to climb onto a ledge along the eastern path through the woods. Erio: On the snowy mountain trail of Mt. Gagazet. Bartschella: With Dona on Kilika island. Frailea: Inside the Cactuar Hollow.
Hidden locations: There are several hidden locations on the world map that you can find by selecting specific coordinates while aboard the airship. Move the pointer to the approximate coordinates and press X to search that region.
Location .... X coordinate .... Y coordinate
Baaj Temple .... 11-16 .... 57-63
Sanubia Desert .... 12-16 .... 41-45
Besaid falls .... 29-32 .... 73-76
Mi'ihen Ruins .... 33-36 .... 55-60
Battle Site .... 39-43 .... 55-60
Omega Ruins .... 69-75 .... 33-38
Revisiting temples: After defeating Seymour 3, go to the Farplanes in Guadosalam and talk to the leader. He will not say anything relevant to the temples, but you will be able to go back in them. You cannot go back to Beville, but it is not necessary to go there to get Anima.
Airship passwords: There are hidden locations accessible by using the "Input" feature found in the airship command list. All passwords are case-sensitive.
Break Aeon damage limits:
Power up the following Celestial Weapons using Crests (you do not need the Sigil) to break damage limit of certain Aeons. Note: Bahamut, Anima, and Magus Sisters can already break limits when acquired: Valefor: Nirvana. Ifrit: World Champion. Ixion: Spirit Lance. Shiva: Onion Knight. Yojimbo: Masamune.
Easy gil (1): Collect all the Al Bhed Primers throughout the game. When this is completed, talk to Rin on the airship. Tidus will have a conversation with him in Al Bhed and will then receive 99 Underdog's Secrets. You can use 30 to add the Double Overdrive ability to a weapon, or they can be sold for 5,000 gil each.
Easy gil (2): This trick requires a controller with an auto-fire feature. Capture the fiend "Dingo" in Besaid. Have a weapon with Gillionare equiped, set your cursor to memory, and go to the Monster Arena. Set X to auto-fire and move to the Monster Trainer. When you get into the fight, have a heavy hitter on attack, and the two other party members do useless skills, such as Aim and Reflex. Keep X held and allow the game to idle. You will not get a lot of money, but this is a little safer than other methods, and does not require you to chase Mimics. It is also a good idea to have Auto-Regen or SoS-Regen armor on your people.
Easy gil (3): After getting the Airship, fight the One-Eye monster in the arena. When you kill it, it will most likely drop a triple AP weapon which sell for at least 22000 gil if it has two slots or 150,000 gil if it has four slots.
Easy experience (1): Play the game until you get the airship. Then, go to all of the areas and try to capture all of the monsters there. Once you are done with Zandarkand, return to the owner of the Monster Arena in the Calm Lands. If you did what you were supposed to, he will give you some useful items and let you fight monsters for free. One of those monsters is the Cactuar King. Once you can fight it, equip your characters with weapons with the following abilities: Overdrive ->AP (sacrifices your Overdrive to give you more experience.), and Double AP or Triple AP. Next, set all of your characters' Overdrives to "Comrade" and fight the Cactuar King. In battle, he will do either 10,000 Needles or 99,999 Needles to a character and they will die. Keep reviving them. Do so until the Cactuar King decides to run away or you run out of Phoenix Downs (in which case, call someone with the Flee ability into the battle and use it). You should now receive a large amount of experience. Note: You do not have to kill the Cactuar King for this to work.
Easy experience (2): At the beginning of the game, with Yuna go to where your boat is located. Note: Do not go into the boat. Make sure you have a lot of potions as it will be a fierce battle. Keep fighting in Besaid Island until someone gets an Overdrive command (such as Healer, Slayer, or Comrades). Then, go back to the boat, set sail, and fight Sin. Every time you fight the Sin Scales, they always return. Keep fighting until Tidus learns Slice And Dice. Destroy the sin fin and fight the second Boss. If you defeat him, you will get a large amount of experience and Gil.
Easy win (1): Use Zombie, then Phoenix Down (or the potion that heals you completely) on the enemy. This does not work on Bosses, except for those that already have a Zombie status.
Easy win (2): To defeating any enemy with high HP, get Anima in Overdrive and also have Auron with Banishing Blade. If possible, equip a weapon with First Strike. Then, immediately use Banishing Blade and summon Anima and use the Overdrive, Oblivion. This will do about 86,000 damage, depending on if you add strength to Anima's stats.
Easy captures (1): Later in the game, when every monster is basically a mini-boss, have two magic casters with the One AP Cost and Break Damage Limit abilities use Doublecast Demi. Then, have your most heavy hitting character with a Capture weapon enter and finish them off.
Easy captures (2): Buy a weapon at the Monster Arena with the ability "Capture" and add the "Deathstrike" ability. Most beasts will be caught using Deathstrike.
Easy Farplane Winds: Capture all the creatures in the Calm Lands to create "Chimerageist" in the Monster Arena. He will give you 60 Farplane Winds.
Easy Three Stars: Capture ten of each creature from two different areas and he will create Earth Eater. When he does that, he will give you 60 Three Stars.
Easy Wings To Discovery (1): To get 60 Wings To Discovery without bribing Malabro or Great Malabro, first capture all the monsters in Mt. Gagazet. Then, capture all the monsters in the Calm Lands. Go to the Monster Arena Trainer and talk to him once. Do not fight the arena creation. A chest containing Yuna's best weapon will drop down . Open it, then talk to the trainer again. Do not fight the arena creation. He will give you some items. Talk to him again for the 60 Wings To Discovery. If he does not give it to you, keep talking to him until he does.
Easy Wings To Discovery (2): Capture about four of each Water Fiend in Gagazet then go talk to the Monster Arena Trainer. He will have made a monster. You have to fight it underwater. It has 2,000,000 health and if you overkill it, you get two Wings To Discovery.
Easy Wings To Discovery (3): To get many Wings To Discovery, bribe a Malboro for 300,001 gil. You will get two to four of them. If the Malboro does not leave, then continue bribing for 1000 gil each time. It should then go away.
Easy Dark Matters (1): When you battle the Dark Yojimbo in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth, you will encounter him four times. For the first encounter, have Yuna in your party with a weapon with First Strike. Summon Yojimbo and pay him to do Zanmato. You will defeat the Dark Yojimbo and likely get a Dark Matter and an armor with the Break HP Limit ability. After that, you will have to run after his master . On the way, there will be a Save Sphere. Save the game, then reset it. Resume the game and you will no longer be pursuing Yevon. You will have to battle him from the start. Do the same thing repeatedly, until you get 60 Dark Matters to customize a weapon with Break Damage Limit ability or an armor with the Ribbon ability.
Easy Dark Matters (2): When fighting Dark Yojimbo in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth, save the game (using the saving crystal inside the cavern). Defeat him each time. When you defeat him the fourth time, save and use the "In-game reset" code. When you load the file, you will start at the saving crystals (inside the cavern). You can now fight Dark Yojimbo repeatedly as many times as desired.
Easy health: Have Yuna learn Pray. Use it to heal the party during a battle, then use Tidus' Flee skill to leave the battle. You can do this to heal in any battle without using Potions.
Easy Jupiter Sigil: Normally, you would have to win between 50 to 250 games of Blitzball to win the Jupiter Sigil as a Blitzball league prize. Use the following trick to win the Jupiter Sigil immediately after winning 50 games. First, win 50 games of Blitzball. You then have to win a Blitzball League. Save after the tenth round, but do not enter a new league yet. After saving, return to the Bltzball menu and you will be able to see the first place prize for the Bltzball League. Do not enter the league if the first place prize is not the Jupiter Sigil. Reset the game, go back to the Bltzball menu and you will see that the first place prize for the league has been changed. Keep resetting until the Jupiter Sigil appears as the prize, then win the league. This method can used for any item you want to win from a league.
Easy Venus Sigil: The trick requires an armor or weapon with No Encounters, a quiet place, and a close enough range to a Save Sphere that you can get struck by the lightning. Stand out in the open or walk. Wait for the screen to flash. Dodge the bolt. After every ten dodges, save your game. Continue until you reach 200 dodges and go to the Rin Travel Agency. The chest should have the Sigil inside.

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