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Al Bhed gunner:
Have Tidus, Auron, and Kimarhi up front. Have Tidus use Cheer ten times or more. Have Auron attack, and Kimarhi heal with Hi-Potions.
Anima: Summon Yuna's new Aeon ???? (Shiva) and attack normally. Heal with her Ice spells on herself. When her Overdrive is full, it should kill Anima. Alternately, use Yuna's Overdrive Grand Summon on Shiva, then just attack a few times.
Behemoth Kings: If you have a weapon with "Stonestrike" or "Stone Touch" equipped and manage to use it in the finishing hit, the Behemoth King will not do his "Meteor" counter-attack before dying.
Biran: When fighting Biran and Yenke with Kimahri, use Lancet on each of them a few times. You should get a few Ronso Rages. Use Lancet again after Biran has used Mighty Guard to also obtain it.
Bomb: Bombs become stronger in the Al Bhed Home and on the Al Bhed airship. This trick will take about five minutes to complete. First, have Wakka, Auron, and Kimarhri out on the field at the same time. Make sure Wakka's MP is above 45. Also, make sure that Wakka knows Dark Attack, Silence Attack, and Sleep Attack. Let Kimarhri's weapon be the Snakehead. Make sure Auron knows Power Break and Magic Break. Start by having Auron use Power Break and Magic Break on all three. Next, have Wakka use Dark Attack, Silence Attack, and Sleep Attack on them. Then, use Kimarhri's weapon the Snakehead on them. The Snaakehead poisons the enemy. Finally, have Wakka use Sleep Attack on them. The rest of the fight you can put them on the defensive position.
Bosses (1): To defeat almost any Boss in the game, go through the Monster Arena side quest until the man gives you 60 (99?) Gambler's Spirits. Next, build up your characters' Overdrives. With a party that includes Tidus, Rikku, and Yuna, go into a battle. Usually Rikku will go first -- have her use Overdrive: Mix and combine two Gambler's Spirits. This casts Trio of 9999 (makes the next time the character attacks to do 9999 damage). Then, use Tidus and his second Overdrive. Since you cast Trio of 9999, all six of Tidus' attacks will do 9999 damage for a grand total of 59,994. Next, have Yuna Grand Summon a strong Aeon (Anema, Magus Sisters, Bahamut) and they should do about 30,000 damage for a grand total about 90,000. This should kill any Boss except for Omega Weapon, and the second form of Braska's final Aeon. For even more damage, make sure all of your Aeons are also at Overdrive.
Bosses (2): To defeat Bosses easily, you need three essential things. They are x2 Gambler's Spirit (or x2 Door To Tomorrow), Tidus' Overdrive Blitz Ace, and Wakka's Overdrive Attack Reels. When starting the battle, make sure that you have Rikku, Tidus, and Wakka out, all with Overdrives. Rikku should go first. Use her Mix Overdrive and combine the x2 Gambler's Spirit (or x2 Door To Tomorrow). It should make Trio Of 9999 which makes any attack automatically hit for 9,999. Tidus should be next. Use his Blitz Ace Overdrive . If done correctly, you should have done nine hits of 9,999 on the Boss (about 89,991 damage). Wakka will be next. Use his Attack Reels Overdrive . If you lined up all three 2 Hits, he should do about twenty hits of 9,999 to the Boss (about 199,980 damage). The total damage done to the Boss should be about 289,971. This amount of damage, if done correctly, will kill any Boss except the Arena creations. If you are fighting an Arena creation, and have not killed it yet, you can switch out the next person (Rikku most likely) with a character that knows Entrust and has an Overdrive. Use Entrust on Wakka and do Attack Reels correctly again for another 199,980 damage equal to a grand total of 489,951. This will kill almost all the Arena creations except the originals and Nemesis. Note: This can be used even against underwater Bosses. If you want even more damage, keep switching out with characters that know Entrust and keep using it on Wakka.
Braska's final Aeon (method one):  Use Yuna to summon all her Aeons. Use their Overdrives to defeat its first form. To defeat its second form, use Magus Sisters and keep doing their specials. When it is Overdrive time for Magus Sisters, use it. This battle is not to difficult. Also use Kimahri's Zombie Break attack on it to inflict Zombie on it.
Braska's final Aeon (method two): Make sure everyone in your party (except for Kimahri) is equipped with their legendary weapon at full power. Have Auron start the fight with his Overdrive Banishing Blade. This will increase the amount of damage you can do to him. Then, have Tidus cast Hastega. If one of your characters should get Petrified, immediately use a Soft. Have Yuna doublecast Ulima. That should do about 12,000 damage per casting. Then, have Tidus use Quick Hit. It should do about 13,500 damage to the Aeon. Next, have Yuna doublecast Ultima again and the Aeon should transform. If it does not, keep attacking it until it does. After it transforms, switch Auron for Rikku and use her overdrive Mix and combine two Gambler's Spirits. On Tidus' next turn, have him use Blit Ace. Then, have Yuna summon the Magus Sisters and unleash their Overdrive. Then, dismiss them. On Yuna's next turn, have her Grand Summon the Magus Sisters and use their Overdrive again. Finally, have Rikku attack the Aeon to finish it off.
Braska's final Aeon (method three): First, go to Omega Ruins, defeat Ultima Weapon, but steal 10 to 20 Doors To Tomorrow first. On the Aeon's first form, get Rikku's Overdrive, make her mix two Doors To Tomorrow (Trio of 9999) and have Tidus and Auron with her in battle at the time. Keep Auron, Rikku and Tidus alive throughout the entire battle. On the second form, have Lulu Doublecast Ultima to start of the battle, then bring back Tidus, Auron and Rikku. While they do 9999 damage, they will also heal for 9999 (have 99 Al Bhed or Mega-Potions on hand).
Cactuars: Provoke Cactuars them with Tidus, then attack with Wakka. If Wakka is not strong enough to kill the Cactuar with one hit, you will probably have to revive Tidus.
Cactuar King: Note: This trick requires a strong Anima (over 12,000 HP) and Tidus' Blitz Ace Overdrive. Before entering battle, get Anima and Tidus into Overdrive. Also, have a few Phoenix Downs. When entering battle, it is easier to summon Anima and use its Overdrive first. Then, once Anima is killed or you dismiss it, use Tidus' Blitz Ace (get a Great). If this does not kill it, use Bahamut's Impulse or another powerful attack that does not easily miss.
Crawler Machina: Make sure that Rikku's Overdrive gauge is almost full and you have an Arctic Wind equipped. Have Auron, Rikku, and any other character out on the battlefield. Do not destroy the Magic Blocker that the Machina sends out. That prevents the Machina from using Mana Beam. Instead, have Rikku steal from the Machina to get a Lunar Curtain. Have the next two characters in your party attack. When Rikku's overdrive gauge is full, have her mix the Arctic Wind and the Lunar Curtain. This will cast Haste and Shell on your party. It also puts a shield around you. Also, your party will regain health after you are attacked by the Machina.
Dark Aeons: Use Yojimbo, and give him large amounts of money until he does Zanmato. This may require a few attempts.
Dark Aeons (2): You should have Yojimbo, and place Tidus, Yuna and Rikku up front. Give Yuna a weapon with Firststrike, then Grand Summon Yojimbo, Pay him 50,000 gil or more, and he will do Zanmato. This kills anything instantly, except for Sin.
Dark Yojimbo: You must defeat Dark Yojimbo four times. First, learn the ability Entrust (which you can transfer an Overdrive) with two people with much agility. Then, get Yojimbo and Yuna into Overdrive. For the first battle, use Yojimbo's Overdrive (you do not have any choice), and give him 120,000 gil. For the second battle, use Yuna's Overdrive, and give Yojimbo 150,000 gil. For the third battle, use Entrust with Rikku or Tidus (recommended). This will transfer the Overdrive to Yuna. Use it, and give him 180,000 gil. For the fourth battle, do the same thing, but give him 200,000 gil. Dark Yojimbo should be defeated. Note: Since Yojimbo has a will of his own, you will probably have to attempt this a few times. After every time you defeat him, you have to run towards the exit. You will encounter the summoner four times.
Defender X:
Before fighting Defender X, get all of your Aeon's Overdrive and also Yuna's Overdrive. After using Yuna's and your Aeon's Overdrives, Defender X should have 8114 HP remaining. If Auron does at least 1000 damage per hit, it should be an easy fight.
Defender Z: To defeat Defender Z in Zanarkand Ruins, you need Tidus' Provoke. Use Provoke, and after that just attack normally with other party members. After being provoked, the only thing he will do is a Blast Punch attack to Tidus, and it will not kill him. It will only damage half of Tidus' HP on every attack.
Enemies that use Reflect: Have a party member cast Reflect on another party member. Then, just use an attack spell on that person. For example, when you are fighting an enemy with Reflect, to attack that creature with magic first use Reflect on Tidus with Yuna. On the next move, use Thundaga on Tidus. It will reflect to the enemy and will not be reflected back.
Evrae Altana (1):
Use two or three Phoenix Downs on it to kill it instantly when underwater.
Evrae Altana (2): When on the airship, you will face Evrae for the first time. He is intimidating with his poison breath and big size. At the start of the fight, try to get Rikku in. Her normal attacks are weak against him, even grenades. However, if you teach her Spare Change and work up a lot of money, you can actually defeat him with at least three hits from Rikku with money and Tidus and Auron attacking regularly. This will result in an easier battle and quicker ends. However, be ready for the next few batches of battles afterwards at the wedding.
Evrae Altana (3): When Evrae's HP is somewhere between 10,000 and 8,000, make sure Kimarhri knows Self-Destruct. Also Evrae, should be close to the airship. Make sure Kimarhri's Overdrive is full. Make him use Self-Destruct on Evrae. It should take out about between 5,000 worth of damage. If you are lucky, it might do almost 9,000 worth of damage to Evrae. Then, just finish him off with Wakka's ball or Lulu's magic (recommended). Using Tidus is also good, as long as he is holding the Brotherhood weapon.
Giant Turtles: Use Petrify.
Holy Ground Dragon: In the fight with the dragon immediately before you get to the Zanarkand Ruins, cast Reflect on him. If you do not have the Reflect spell yet, you can steal a Star Curtain from an Mandagora using Rikku. They are in the cave immediately before the fight. Then, use that item on the dragon. He will no longer be able to heal himself or use Protect.
Iron Clad: Have Tidus, Yuna, and Auron with their best weapons and Overdrive on Victor. Fight a Dingo twice at the Monster Trainer to get Overdrives maxed. Fight Iron Clad with Celestial Weapons maxed out. Use Auron's Overdrive Banishing Blade. This causes Armor Break. This is important, as it always works unlike the normal Armor Break which only has a 5% chance of working. Then. use Tidus' Overdrive Blitz Ace. This should do 99,999 damage every hit because of Banishing Blade. Next, use Yuna's Overdrive to Grand Summon Anima. Use Anima's Overdrive to finish off Iron Clad with an overkill and get 2 HP Spheres.
Jecht: His first form only has 60,000 HP. His next form has 160,000 HP, and his Ultimate Jecht Shot is extremely hard to survive if the Protect spell is not cast on all characters. When Rikku's Override gauge is full, mix Light Curtain and Light Curtain to create Super Mighty G. It casts Protect, Haste, Shell. and Regen on all characters. It is also recommended that all characters have Auto-Med as one of there abilities. Only summon Aeons when Yuna's Override gauge is full. Jecht, when fighting Aeons, will attack more than three times after the Aeon's turn. Double casting Ultima and Holy is also extremely useful in this battle.
Machinas: Use the following trick to defeat any Machina (except for the Bosses). Use Tidus' and Rikku's Steal ability on it and they will just crumble.
There are a few options to defeating Malboros. One is to have a party member out that has an armor customized with Confuse Ward, Poison Ward, Berserk Ward, and Dark Ward. Your second choice is to customize a character's weapon with First Strike, other than Yuna's, and have that character out. When you are ambushed, the character with the First Strike weapon will be able to go before the Malboro. Note: Make sure you do not have Yuna out yet. Switch the character with the First Strike weapon out with Yuna and Summon (Grand Summon). The best choices to summon are Valefor or Shiva. You can use Valefor's Sonic Wings or Shiva's Heavenly Strike continuously. The Malboro will not be able to hit you, insuring victory. If you decide to use another Aeon, use Yojimbo or Magus Sisters. Yojimbo will dodge almost all the Malboro's attacks and they are three Aeons in the Magus Sisters, making it harder for the Malboro to kill them all. A good thing about using Aeons against Malboros is that they cannot use Bad Breath, since Aeons are immune to all status abnormalities.
Nemesis: At the start of the battle, summon Yojimbo. Pay as much as you can (about 10,000,000 or more gil). If he uses Zanmato, he will instantly kill Nemesis even if his HP is about 10,000,000.
Omega Weapon: Use Kimahri to use Lancet. He will learn the Overdrive Nova. Use Nova and get Yuna to summon Magus Sisters. Use their Overdrive, then use there special attacks which are Passado, Razzai, and Camiside. Keep doing this until Omega Weapon is defeated. Use same strategy on Ultima Weapon.
Sanctuary Keeper: Have Yuna cast Reflect on the creature. Then have your highest hit point character hack away at it. It will still cast the Cure and Regen spells, but with Reflect it will be healing the party instead of itself.
Sanctuary Keeper (2): Get your Overdrives full on every character and Aeon. Next, cast Reflect on the Boss. Every time he uses curing magic, it will heal the party. Then, use Kimari's Mighty Guard and summon your best Aeon (Ixion then Shiva recommended). Magic is useless in this battle because the Boss has high magic defense. It also does a bad move that inflicts lots of bad status effects (even death). This is a fairly easy battle if you have over 3,000 HP and a good defense. You should also have over 5 X-Potions, 10 Phoenix Downs, some Ethers, good curing magic, and Regain, Shell, and Protect.
Sanctuary Keeper (3): Start the fight with Tidus, Yuna and Auron. Cast Hastega and Protect on everyone and use Auron's armor and Mental Break attacks against the creature. After breaking its defense , switch Auron for different fighters. Remember to cast Haste and Protect on each new party member you switch in. Cast Reflect on the creature, then summon Aeons that are already in Overdrive mode. Each Aeon will only get one shot because the Sanctuary Keeper will use Mana Breath to eliminate them. After the Keeper loses half its HP, it will use Curaga on itself. However, if you cast Curaga on it one of your party members will receive a well deserved reward and the creature will receive nothing. Beware of this Boss' attack pattern. It starts with Photon Wings, then two regular attacks, Mana Breath, then two Curagas. It will also sometimes counter with a Tail Sweep. It is important to protect your party from status affects -- equip them with armor that protects them from Sleep, Silence, Darkness and Confusion.
Seymour 1 (1): In the first fight with Seymour, have Rikku steal from the two guards. This will stop them from using Auto-Potion. Seymour will call Anima, and an Overdrive gauge will appear in front of him. Attack and watch the gauge, When it is almost full, have Yuna call one of her Aeons to take the hit from Anima's Overdrive. Repeat this as needed. After defeating Anima, Seymour will start casting multiple spells. Use Yuna to heal you party, and have the rest attack.
Seymour 1 (2): Scan Seymour with Sensor, then click on Seymour and see what order he casts his magic in. When you have learned this order, have Yuna cast the NulShields in the same order and he will never hit you. Every time you try to hit Seymour, one of his Guado Guards will jump in your way, and every time you hit a Guado Guard, he heals himself. To take out the two Guado Guards, use Rikku and your best hitter. Have Rikku to steal from one of the Guards and then have your best hitter attack that Guado Guard. You will get one Hi-Potion and the Guado Guard will not heal. When the Guards are dead and Seymour has exceeded his life, he summons Anima, an Aeon. You have seen Anima at the Blitzball Tournament. Use Yuna to summon the "????" Aeon, whom is Shiva. Use Boost for Shiva twice. This will put her into Overdrive. Before you use Diamond Dust (her Overdrive), heal yourself with Blizzard/Blizzara. Repeat this twice and Anima will die. Quickly dismiss Shiva. To defeat Seymour again, just cast the NulShields in the order of his magic and attack with your best hitters; or use Lulu, for Black Magic.
Seymour 1 (3): Have Tidus, Yuna, and Auron in your group. Have Tidus use Cheerm Yuna use NulShock, and Auron use Power Break or Armor Break, if you have it. Then, take out Tidus and put in Kimhari. Have him use a Potion if anyone needs it. When Yuna has all the Nuls, have her summon ???? or Ixion. Wait until they get Overdrives then have them use it. It should kill them and he will summon Anima. Always have an Aeon out. When it gets Overdrive, use it. If the Aeon gets low. have it use a magic attack of its own on itself (except Valefor because it will probably kill him). When Anima gets his Overdrive up, have the Aeon use Shield. Keep using it until he dies. You will then have to defeat Seymour. Keep attacking and you will have a good chance of winning.
Seymour 1 (4): Have all characters in Overdrive. Have Knimari's Stone Breath, Lulu's Fira ability, and Tidus' Slice And Dice Overdrive. For a faster battle, have all Aeons in Overdrive. Also have two Light Curtains equipped and if desired a Lunar Curtain and an Arctic Wind. Start the battle by using Stone Breath to destroy the Guado. Next, have Auron use Shooting Star (if acquired). Then, pummel him with Fira. When he summons Anima, summon Ifrit (teach him Fira). Continuously use Fira and do not forget to keep Ifrit's health up. If Ifrit should fall, summon Shiva. Attack him with Blizzara. Each Pain attack will cause around 500 damage. When he is destroyed, dismiss Shiva and bring in Riku. Mix two Light Curtains. This castes Shell, Protect, and Regen. If Seymour does not get his attack in, bring in Yuna and cast Nul-Frost. To determine his magic pattern, cast Scan on Seymour.Cast the Nul-Shields in that order. Also if desired, try poisoning him. If he is not dead, bring in Wakka and use his Elemental Reels. Try aligning the red circles.
Seymour 2 (1):  Cast reflect on all party members and Seymour will heavily damage himself with his magic.
Seymour 2 (2): Cast Reflect on Seymour (not his pet), then keep attacking his pet. The pet will take life from Seymour and cast Curaga on him, which will reflect back to a party member. Use your Aeons' Overdrives to kill him faster.
Seymour 2 (3): Make sure Yuna knows Reflect, the 4 Null-spells, Protect, and Shell. For Tidus, make sure he has Haste or Hastega to speed up your party members, as well as Cheer to increase power and defense. Also, before the fight, make sure each member and Yuna's Aeons are in Overdrive to inflict greater damage. Each member should have over 2,000 HP, because Seymour casts powerful magic. If you have Wakka powered up with good strength from the Sphere Grid, his attacks should cause about 2,000 to 3,000 damage to this Boss. Equip some Hi-Potions, Phoenix Downs if needed, and status effect removers in the event they are needed. Start with Yuna casting her Null Spells to protect against Seymour's strong magic spells such as Multi-Blizzara, Watera, etc. in which his magic hits the entire party in several shots and causes over 1,000 damage to each member. Also have Yuna cast Shell and Protect on the party, to stand up to the Mortibody's attacks. Then, have Tidus cast Haste or Hastega to make a member have more turns to attack. Get your heavy hitters out, such as Auron or Wakka to lay some damage down on the Mortibody. When the Mortibody is low on HP, it will steal about 3,000 HP from Seymour. However, this means you need to deplete the Mortibody's HP again. To steal HP, have Yuna cast Reflect on Seymour, so when the Mortibody steals HP from him, it will transfer it over to you instead. Eventually the Mortibody will keep draining Seymour of HP, and you can use your members' Overdrives to hit on Seymour as well as the Mortibody. Your Aeons only get one chance to attack before Seymour finishes the Aeon off -- make sure they are all in Overdrive. When Seymour is killed, the Mortibody will die as well.
Seymour 3 (1):  In the third fight with Seymour, he is rather tough and uses a combo attack where he uses the Lance of Atrophy which inflicts Zombie on one character then casts Full Life to kill them. He uses this in two turns -- you only have one chance to use Holy Water, which you should have a lot of. Spend some time before the battle running around near the save location just before fighting him. Build up all you characters' and Aeons' Overdrives so that you can use all of them in the fight. It is also a good idea to have at least one character in the fight that has about 3000 HP. Seymour will use attacks that can kill your party in one hit, but 3000 HP should be enough to keep you alive. Have the surviving character use a MegaPhoenix to revive you party then heal it.
Seymour 3 (2): Start the battle with everyone in Overdrive (Kimahri, Yuna, and also Rikku recommended). Make sure you have plenty of Holy Waters for Zombie, and about five Ethers. If Kimarhi is in your front line party, have him cast Mighty Guard immediately. Have Tidus cast Hasteaga as well. When he is through, use him to cast Bio or use Rikku's Overdrive to throw a Chaos Grenade. This gives Seymour Silence and Poison. Have Yuna use Ifrit for her Grand Summon to cause good damage at first. Since he cannot cast Dispel because he is silenced, Mighty Guard remains effective for your characters. Yuna is the vital key to victory for this battle. If she stays Hasted and Mighty Guarded, you will have an almost sure victory. The Poison will tick away at him every time he attacks. Attack with a flame sworded Tidus and Auron to move things along. If all this is done, every time Seymour does Total Annihilation, Yuna should be the only one remaining. Have her cast Life, Protect and possibly Reflect if needed on the entire the party. Continue this cycle until he is defeated.
Seymour 3 (3): When facing Seymour for a third time, it is often best to not fight unless you do the following. Stock 99 Hi-Potions, Potions, Phoenix Downs, , Holy Waters, and Al Bhed Potions (acquired by stealing from the robots around the save point). Each character should be at least 4,000 HP. All characters and Aeons should be at a full Overdrive. Every character should have armor with Zombie Ward on it. You can get this by buying items from the Owaka man; Auron and Yuna are the only characters with it already on their armor. For the rest of the characters, you will have to buy new armor or win them in fights; then buy 30 Holy Waters for each one, and customize it in the customize menu option so that they gain Zombie Ward. Start the battle, and make sure you heal yourself only with a Holy Water if the Lance Of Anthropy is applied and your Zombie Ward did not work.
Seymour 4: Do not attack the Elemental Wheels. Use the opposite magic that he turns to with Lulu. When he turns to non-elemental, hit him with your Aeons' Overdrives. He will use Ultima to kill your Aeons, but he will get hurt only when he is on gray: Blue: Water, Purple: Blizzard, Red: Fire, Yellow: Thunder, Gray: Non: elemental.
Sin: Get the secret Aeon Anima, and get it into Overdrive. Next, get Yuna in Overdrive. Then, get Rikku and Kimahri in Overdrive. Fight Sin and before he pulls you in, get Tidus and use Hastega. When Sin pulls you in, use Rikku to throw a maximum amount of Gil. It will do 9,999 damage to Sin. Then, use Kimahri's Overdrive and use Thrust Kick. If you have Nova for Kimahri's Overdrive, use it instead because it does a lot of damage (either 6,200 or 9,999). Then, use Rikku's Overdrive. Combine two ThreeStars (which can be acquired at Calm Lands for catching certain enemies in a certain region). After you combine them, it will do Sunburst which does 12,000 damage. Bring out Anima and use its overdrive. After its Overdrive, dismiss Anima and use Yuna's Overdrive on Anima. Then, use anima's overdrive again. It will do about 80,000 damage after using Animas Overdrive twice. Dismiss Anima, switch Yuna with Tidus, and switch Rikku with Auron. Your party should now consist of Tidus, Auron, and Kimahri. Use Tidus to cast Hastega on the party. Have Auron use Armor Break and have Kimahri to use Zombie Break. It does not inflict Zombie on Sin, but does do a lot of damage.
Sinspawn Gui: Destroy the head first, so he does not do much damage. Next, destroy both his arms. Have Auron and Wakka in your party. Auron can destroy the arms and Wakka can destroy the head. The head just has 1000 HP and the arms have 800 HP. Do not change Auron because the arms will regenerate. When you fight Sinspawn Gui 2, you will have Seymour in your party. Have Seymour use Thundara on the head. Next, have Yuna summon an Aeon with its Overdrive (if available). If not, just do the same thing as last time without Wakka in your party. Also, use Seymour's Thundara ability on the body, which has 6000 HP, to destroy Sinspawn Gui 2 faster. Remember to take out the arms first.
Spectral Keeper: Have your Overdrives full and use them. You should have between 4,000 to 6,000 HP, Aga magic, lots of curing items, and Protect (to muffle the power of the Boss' moves). He does a move called Glyph Mine that kills you instantly. Getting hit by this is pure luck. He normally only does it one to two times.
Spherimorph (1): To prepare, start training vigorously from the time the game starts to the time you get to the Spherimorph (about ten fights minimum in each area). You should have about 15000 gil or more when you are ready. Go to O'aka and ask for weapons. Leave, then he will ask you about the prices. Tell him that they are too expensive, then go back and buy weapons. The prices should be lowered to some extent. Buy the Sonic Steel for Tidus, Rod of Darkness for Yuna, and the Force Knuckles for Rikku. When you get to the part of the Macalania Woods where you fight Spherimorph, immediately save if you are uncertain that you can defeat it. To fight Spherimorph you should equip the following recommended items. Tidus (Sonic Steel, any armor with Magic Def 3or 5%), Yuna (Rod of Darkness or Laevatein, Seeker's Ring; HP + 10%), Wakka (Switch Hitter, Emerald Armguard), Lulu (Fatal Cait Sith or Water Moomba, Seekers Bangle), Auron (Shimmering Blade, Recovery Bracer), Rikku (Force Knuckles, NulBlaze Target), Kimahri (Hunters Spear, Red Armlet). Start the fight with Tidus, Auron and Wakka. Tidus goes first, so set the tone with his Overdrive (if he has it). Do not use Wakka's Overdrive because it is elemental and will heal Spherimorph. Instead, use a physical attack. Use Auron's Magic Break to weaken spells, then switch in Kimahri and use his Jump or Seed Cannon Overdrives (if he has them). Use Yuna and summon Ifrit. Use his physical attacks to damage Spherimorph. Spherimorph will attack with Fire, thus healing Ifrit. Switch out Ifrit and use normal characters occasionally. Switch Ifrit back in and use his physical attacks until Spherimorph starts using its physical attacks frequently. Dismiss Ifrit and use Auron's Power Break to weaken its physical attacks. Then, finally pummel it down with either Ixion or Ifrit's physical attacks, occasionally healing them with elemental spells.
Spherimorph (2): First, equip your heavy hitters with weapons that are non-elemental to prevent Spherimorph from getting healed. Start out with Rikku, Lulu and Tidus. Rikku should be the first one up normally. Change her for Auron, who should attack with Magic-Break. Spherimorph will retaliate with his spell Counter, so you can easily tell its element. Haste Auron with Tidus , add a Power Break for good measure, and slice away with Auron and Tidus using the warrior mode to get your Overdrives up). Do not use Auron's Overdrive, as it is elemental in nature. Use Rikku's Overdrive to heal your party with two Potions or switch Lulu for Yuna to heal your party. You can use Lulu's Focus ability to guard from the spells and Tidus' Cheer ability to protect from his basic attacks. When you estimate the Boss has dropped to about 2,000 HP and has changed to Ice element, get Yuna in to grand summon Ifrit so you can overkill easily for extra AP.
Stratoavis in the Battle Arena: Once you collect all the monsters from the desert, go back to the Calm Lands and go to the Battle Arena. If you have caught all of them, the man will offer you a free fight with the new monster he just created. Accept his offer. Once in the battle, make sure you have Yuna in your party. Wakka and Tidus are also recommended. To make this faster you will need the Aeon Yojimbo. He can dodge all the attacks from Strutoavis and put Yojimbo in Overdrive. This should enable you to pay a low price for maximum damage. You should be able to pay 10 to 20 gil and he will do one of four attacks. If he does Wakizashi or Kozuka, it should do maximum damage. Do this about fifteen to twenty times and he should fall. You should get about 10,000 AP for winning, and perhaps a Key Sphere.
Tonberries: Put them to sleep.
Ultima Weapon: You can bribe Ultima weapon for 1,200,000 gil. He will give you a lot of the rarest item in the game.
Warrior Monks: To defeat Warrior Monks in one shot at Bevelle, switch to Lulu and use Thundaga. For the machines, use Wakka's Dark Attack.
Your Aeons (1): Make sure you have Holy with Yuna. Once you run out of Holy, use one of your Aeons. Make sure they are not fainted. If they are, use Rikku's Overdrive. Mix four Level Key Spheres or use three Stars (you get it from the Monster Arena owner once you get the Magus Sisters. Once he gives you Blossom Crown, talk to him again. Also make sure you have Mega Potions.
Your Aeons (2): This is fairly easy if Auron can do at least 8000 damage, with First Strike on your weapons, and if you have Holy with Yuna or Lulu. Defeat all your Aeons on the order that you got them. You should be able to get one hit kills if Auron is strong. As soon as you get up to the Magus Sisters, kill Sandy first or she will kill you in one hit; then kill Cindy followed by Mindy.
Yu Yevon (1):  Use the Zombie Attack on Yu Yevon. After every attack, he will cast Curaga on himself and take extra damage because of his Zombie status.
Yu Yevon (2): In the Zanarkand Dome, you can Steal from fiends the Candle Of Life. Try to steal from every fiend you encounter in the Zanarkand Dome and you should find it. After disposing of Lady Yunalesca, Sin, Seymour and Jeckt, you will encounter Yu Yevon. When the battle begins, bring in Rikku and use the Candle Of Life and a number should appear on top of his head, counting down to his death.
Yu Yevon (3): Get Overdrives with Rikku and Lulu. Use Mix with two Wings Of Discovery or, if not that, Wings Of Discovery and a Door To Tomorrow. This will make a Trio Of 9999. Use Lulu's Overdrive and get 11 to 14 Drains by rotating the Right Analog-stick very fast. He should be defeated in two moves.
Yunalesca (1): Yunalesca has three stages. Her first form is quite simple. Just use physical attacks and magic. Do not use Overdrives or Aeons. Her attacks are very weak and she is killed easily. Her second form is a more difficult. She does an attack which casts Zombie -- have plenty of Holy Waters available. In this part, use your players' Overdrives, but no Aeons. Yunalesca's third form is not very difficult. Just have your Aeons' Overdrives ready and finish her off with a couple of physical attacks.
Yunalesca (2): When Yunalesca is in her first form, just use attacks and magic. With the second form, do the same thing only Heal when you get hit with Hellbiter; or use Auto-Med if available. When she is down to 5000 hit points, summon Valefor and use his Overdrive. When the third form Megadeath attack appears, it will not hit your party members but hit your Aeon instead. Then, just finish her with Holy and other Aeon overdrives.

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