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TechCopy in Blitzball:
When trying to TechCopy in BlitzBall, press Circle then X while TechCopy is flashing will increase the chance that you learn successfully.
Get other people on Blitzball team: To get other people on your Blitzball team press Square while facing someone. If they play, it will show their stats. Shin them up for as many games as you want. Note: This costs money.
Cheap Blitzball players: Check the local Travel Agency for Blitzball players.
Mastering the Jecht Shot (1): When you are on the ship about to go to Luca and ready to practice it, do not do it when it the game displays the directional arrows. Instead, do it when the sentences from Jecht appear on the screen. For example, when the voice of Jecht says "You're never gonna make it kid" on the bottom right corner of the screen, press Left Analog-stick Right then X and it will disappear. There are a total of eleven sentences that he says. Keep resetting it until you master it.
Mastering the Jecht Shot (2): The easiest way to get the Jecht shot is to not follow the instructions. Go through the demo, and when it is your turn to try, instead of trying to match the CPU, quickly rotate the Left Analog-stick clockwise while pressing X button as quickly as possible. You are not penalized for wrong entries, so this method very quickly ensures that you will get the required number of entries.
Mastering the Jecht Shot (3): On the first time you on the boat with the chance to get the Jecht shot, go up to the ball. Rapidly rotate the D-pad in a counter-clockwise direction and the press X when Tidus is doing the Jecht shot. There is a chance you may get it, if you are quick enough.
Multiple prizes: If you can manage to keep two or three characters at the exact same number of goals and also have them all be top scorer at the end of the tournament or season, you will earn the top scorer prize for each of them.
Bonus Blitzball items: At the end of a season or tournament in Blitzball, if two or more of your players are tied for the lead in scoring, you will receive an item for each of them. For example, if Tidus and Wakka both finish a tournament with four goals each The prize for leading scorer is a Return Sphere. You will receive a Return Sphere for both Wakka and Tidus, giving you two of them.
Wake up sleeping Blitzball players: If any of your players have been put to sleep by a nap tackle, change your strategy and they will automatically wake up without you having to lose the ball by throwing it at them. For example, if Tidus is put to sleep by a nap tackle and your current strategy is Normal Attack, switch to Left Attack and he will wake up.
Better Blitzball players (1): If you are bad at Blitzball, keep playing until a good team fires one of their players. Then, go to the team and find the player that they fired and hire him.
Better Blitzball players (2): When playing Blitzball, you may notice players on other teams that are better than the players on your team. If you wish to switch players, simply scout the opposing player, and note how many games they have left on their contract. If you can afford to pay your other team members' salaries, you can simply play multiple exhibition games against the team with the player you want, and after each game starts, press Triangle to Forfeit. This will not hurt your team, since no-one on the opposing team will gain experience. Once the number of games on the desired player's contract is reduced to 1, find the player and scout them again (this makes the team less likely to re-sign him or her). Save your game, play another exhibition game, and forfeit. After the game, the team will either release or re-sign the player, but you can reset your game and try multiple times until the player is released. Then, head back and sign the player for your own team.
Better Blitzball players (3): To win every one of your early games of Blitzball easily (asides from the first rather unfair one), you need to pick up the correct people after the events in Luca. Recruit Zev Ronso (standing near dock 4 on the eastern side) and have him take the MF position. Recruit Wedge from the gate near the Auroch's locker room and have him take LF or RF. Tidus stays in the other LF or RF slot. Recruit Jumal from the square near the theater/seaport side and make him your goalie. Eventually, recruit Ropp from Rin's store on the Highroad and have him take over for one of your defenders. Swing Letty back with Jassu as defenders to start, and keep Letty to do the passing after getting Ropp. Here is the strategy needed to win. Tidus and Wedge will quickly become the nastiest front team in the game. Once Tidus hits level 3, equip Jecht Shot (you should have this from the boat ride to Luca). When he charges for a goal, keep his defenders down to two and Jecht Shot will mow them both down, giving him a SH 18+ shot on goal. He can usually do this once per half, for two easy points. Wedge has 65 SP and 17 SH. He can especially victimize the Ronso team, as they are slow. Have him zip to the goal, shoot, and score. At level 3, equip Wither Shot for even more nastiness. Zev is almost the perfect midfielder. A shade slow, but he can hit, pass, endure, tackle, block -- a great set up man for your forwards. If they kept track of assists, Zev would be through the roof. Letty and Jassu have good speed and attack, and both can pass. Since your goalie (Jumal) has a 14 CA and can equip Super Goalie at level 3, they do not really need to be there to stop shots. Let them pass to each other if you want good ball control. Ropp is a vicious defender with great attack, block, and pass. Use him as further insurance, especially against the Guado team. Keep leveling, grab some techs, and no one can stop you.
Better Blitzball players (4): You probably will not win the first (unfair) game of Blitzball with the Luca Goers. However, use the following trick to win every game besides that. First, in Luca after that game and the events that happen at the stadium, go to dock 4 and get Zev Ronso and make him your MF. Next, get Jumal near the bar sitting on a bench and make him your Goalie. After that, go to the stairs that lead to the stadium, get Wedge, and make him you RF. Make Tidus your LF and make sure he has the Jecht Shot. It can take two people out when your in a breakthrough. Wedge will have a shot of 17 and Zev is excellent for a beginner because his shot and pass are sort of balanced but his EN is strong. Jumal will be a goalie with a starting catch of 15. If you keep leveling up Jumal, he will get Super Goalie. Also, try out other people in different towns as well. Press Square to see if some people are on other teams or a free player. Press X for the free players to join.
Better Blitzball players (5): It is possible to do well in Blitzball without hiring other players. Blitzball members will gain experience by how they participate in the game, and by how well they participate. If your team makes successful attacks, shots, catches, passes, etc. they will gain experience and their stats will increase. Basically, if your team has more time with the ball, you will gain more experience points for your team. In a Blitzball game, take note of the opposing team's stats, and find out what most of their weaknesses are. You will now know who to avoid and who to ignore in a game. Also, if someone is on your tail while you are dribbling the ball, you may want to take care of them as soon as possible. If your dribbler survives the attack, the attack will be far behind and your dribbler will be able to advance the ball without worrying about too many attackers.


Here are the original locations for the six Blitzball teams:
Luca Goers: Dock #3, Luca
Ronso Fangs: Dock #4, Luca
Al Bhed Psyches: Airship Engine Room
Besaid Aurochs: Right Locker Room, Luca
Guado Glories: Guadosalam
Kilika Beasts: Kilika

The following is a full list of all Blitz Ball Free Agents and their locations. Note: The rules only allow eight Blitzers to a team... choose wisely. If your roster is full, you can trade out a player to sign another.
Luca: Wedge: Luca Stadium, Main Gate. Zalitz: Luca Theater. Shaami: Luca Harbor, Bridge. Shuu: Luca Seaport, Cafe. Jumal: Luca Seaport, Square. Zev Ronso: Luca Harbor, Number 5 Dock. Nedus: Luca Harbor, Number 1 Dock. Biggs: Luca Stadium, Main Gate.
S.S. Winno: Kiyuri: S.S. Winno, Deck
Airship:Brother: Airship, Bridge. Rin: Airship, Corridor. Wakka: Airship, Bridge.
Calm Lands: Svanda: Calm Lands. Durren: Calm Lands, Gorge Bottom. Naida: Calm Lands, Shop.
Kilika: Mep: Kilika Temple. Tatts: Kilika Port, Docks
Djose: Kyou: Djose Temple
Macalania: Linna: Macalania Temple, Frozen Road
Mi'ihen Highroad: Ropp: Mi'ihen Highroad, Travel Agency
Guadosalam: Yuma Guado: Guadosalam, House
Moonflow: Miyu: Moonflow, North Shoopuf Wharf
Thunder Plains: Mifurey: Thunder Plains, Travel Agency
Besaid: Vilucha: Besaid Village, House

Scout Level 1:
View What: Name, level, gil per game, team (maybe). When Obtained: Automatically.
Scout Level 2: View What: Name, level, gil per game, team (maybe), stats. When Obtained: After winning 10 games; Aurochs.
Scout Level 3: View What: Name, level, gil per game, team (maybe), stats, tech slots, techs. When Obtained: After winning 20 games; Aurochs.
Scout Level Max: View What: Name, level, gil per game, team (maybe), stats, tech slots, techs, Key Techs, all techs. Obtained When: After winning 30 games; Aurochs.

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