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Go to the path that leads under the bridge after you defeat Defender X. Go under the bridge and into The Cavern Of Stolen Fayth. Keep going until you see a Summoner and you end up fighting her Aeon. Call out Bahamut and kill Yojimbo. Then when you do go straight into the Chamber of Fayth and talk to the man, select "To defeat the strongest enemies". For your first bid, offer half of his offer plus one gil (for example, if he offers 250,000 gil, offer 150,001 gil). By the time he proposes 205,000 gil, he will generally accept any offer below 200,000 gil. Any lower than 195,000 gil, and he will not accept.
Anima: Find the hidden Baaj Temple with the Airship. Run up the familiar path and dive into the water. Then, prepare to finally defeat Geosgaeno, and swim toward the underwater temple entrance. After defeating Geosgaeno, swim north into the temple entrance. Enter the Chamber of Fayth and approach the six statues on either side. There is one hidden item in each of the Six Cloyster Of Trials. By now you must have about five. Fly back to Zanarkand and enter the dome. Once there, a new puzzle solution is displayed on-screen. Step on three white squares in the first room, and four in the larger chamber. This opens a panel in the first room, revealing a Destruction Sphere. Place the Destruction Sphere into the slot to the right of the monitor in the large chamber and the screen will explode. Collect the Magistral Rod, and return to the Baaj Temple. The six statues will now resonate with the items you have collected, allowing you to enter the Chamber of Fayth.
You do not need to go to every temple to get Anima. If you skipped the treasure in Beville, go to Zanarkand Dome instead. Once there, solve the second puzzle to get the last treasure.
To get Anima, you need to get 6 treasures. When you go to Anima's temple, you will see six statues. One of them is lit; it is the one for Beville. If you have missed the treasure in Beville, you can still get anima by getting the treasure in Zanarkand Dome. In fact, you do not need the treasure in Beville to get Anima. If you got the treasure, that does not mean that you do not also need the treasure in Zanarkand Dome. Get the second treasure in the other temples to activate the rest of the statues. Also, in order to get the statues you must touch them. The temples are as follows: 1. Djose. 2. Killika. 3. Besaid. 4. Macalania. 5. Zanarkand Dome.
The Magus Sisters: Capture all of the required fiends on Mt. Gagazet and return to the monster arena owner in the Calm Lands. As a reward, he gives you the Blossom Crown. You must also posses all the other Aeons including Yojimbo and Anima. Next, go to the Reniem Temple in the Calm Lands. After you defeat Spathi, Belgemine will give you the Flower Scepter. After defeating all of the Aeons at Reniem Temple, use the Blossom Crown and the Flower Sceptor on the door in the back to unseal it and acquire the Magus Sisters.
Note: You do not need to defeat all summons (Aeons) to obtain the Flower Scepter. When you first reach the Calm Lands, go to Reniem Temple by using the Chocobo and Chocobo Feathers on the ground at the southeastern part of the map on the hill. Defeat all summons in the temple. You will only be able to fight up to Bahumat. as you will not have accessed any other summons. After defeating Bahumat, you will obtain the Flower Scepter.


The Dark Aeons can only be fought in the International versions of the game.
Dark Valefor: Entrance to Besaid Village with airship.
Dark Ifrit: Al-Bhed Home after it has been destroyed.
Dark Ixion: Monk at Thunder Plains.
Dark Shiva: Return to Malaclania Temple.
Dark Bahamut: Return to where you fight Yunalesaca with the airship. Get the Sun Sigil before leaving, as you most likely never defeat Dark Bahumat if you return later to collect it.
Dark Yojimbo: Cave of Stolen Fayth
Dark Anima: Mount Gagazet; redo the challenge in which Wakka had to throw a ball at the revolving thing, then teleport back to the entrance to Mount Gagazet. Dark Anima will be there waiting for you
Dark Magus Sisters: - Mushroom Rock, from exit of Mi'ihen Highroad. Walk until you encounter two summoners. An intermission sequence will start, then the combat.
Special Aeon (Penance): Unlocked when all Dark Aeons are defeated.


Easy Aeon healing (1):
Instead of bothering to have one of your Aeons learn any of the cure spells, try this. For the elemental Aeons (Ifrit, Shiva, Ixion, etc.), try using a spell that corresponds with their element (Ifrit: Fire, Shiva: Blizzard, Ixion: Thunder). This heals them much more than if you did any cure spell You can also try the advanced spells (Fira, Blizzara, etc.).
Easy Aeon healing (2): To revive or heal your Aeons without having to wait a certain amount of battles, find a save point, save your progress, then use the "In-game reset" code to reset the game. After you reset the game, load your file. When the game resumes, all your Aeons will have full health.
Easy Aeon healing (3): When an Aeon is low on health and you cannot use items, just use the element of the Aeon. For example, Fire on Ifrit, Blizzard in Shiva and Thunder on Ixion. Use the spell that has the same type as the Aeon, and it will cure them. Try getting the Firaga, Thundaga, and Blizzaga, as they will cure more.
Aeons and legendary weapons: Although it may seem as if your legendary weapons are weak and useless, get all of them and your Aeons will have a normal attack of 9999.

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