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Ever Grace

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While playing as Darius, in the shrine under the castle there is a Save Crystal.
Continue down the walkway you will fight a giant stone monster.
Go left or right from that room you can find as many as four of these opponents.
There is a good chance that they will drop a Palmira Ore, which sells for 1,000.
They also drop Red Fruits on occasion, which also makes this location a good place to increase Darius' stats and equipment levels.


When playing as Sharline in the area before the research lab, find the Save Crystal under the cliff by Royal Commons.
There is a plant creature that always gives you a Blue Fruit there.
You can attain maximum stats early by killing the plant/monster, then go into the shop.
After entering the shop, all enemies in the area are respawned.


Collect Dark Crystals during the game by killing various monsters.
Go to a Save Crystal and enter the item screen.
Use a Dark Crystal to go to the Shadow Tower.

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