Sony Playstation2 Game Cheats
Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers
Also known as: Donald Duck: Quack Attack (EU)
Also known as: Donald Duck: Rescue Daisakusen (Japan)

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After the Merlock splits in four, attack the one that has the shining diamond.


Quickly collect five cogs to get one letter from the word SPECIAL in any level.
Keep collecting cogs until the entire word is spelled out.
Complete the level to learn a special move.


To execute a special move, butt stomp three consecutive enemies then quickly press R1 followed by one of the following codes.
If done correctly, Donald will be invincible for a brief amount of time.

Duckie Mountain

Press Up, X, X, X, X.
Ring a Ding-Ding:
Press Up, Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle.
Soap Opera:
Press Up, X, Circle, X, Circle.
Pole Pose:
Press Up, X, Circle, Circle, X


Soccer Shop:
Press Right, X, X, Circle, Circle.
Spicy Golf:
Press Right, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle.
Fab Lifting:
Press Right, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Square.

Magica's Manor

Tap Ten:
Press Down, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square.
Ballet Basket:
Press Down, Square, Square, Square, Square.
Stilt Tilt:
Press Down, Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle.

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