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Sony Playstation2 Game Cheats
Devil May Cry

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During mission 4 (Black Knight) once the mission starts, head back in to the phantoms chapel which will take you to Secret mission 2.
From there let the time limit run out! Then kill all of the little spiders. Which will give you 150 red orbs "cash".
Then leave the chapel and repeat until you are satisfied.


During mission 4 (black knight) after killing Shadow (the big black cat) head back in to the courtyard and kill all of the sin scythes, depending on how many are in there 3-20 the amount of red orbs will vary. Somewhere from 100 up to a woping 500+ or more! Side note: Use the shotgun easy kills! And happy hunting.


To charge up a bullet(s) from Dante, go into fighting mode(R1). Then hold the fire button for about 3 seconds and dantes gun or guns will glow with devil power! If the handguns are equipped, Dante fires 3-4 super charged bullets. If the shotgun or any other single-shot weapon is equipped, he will fire 1 devil shot. (Does not work when the Force Edge is equipped).

All the Red Orbs You Want

Works Best in Mission 9, You can get all the red orbs you want with this simple trick.
Go through the mission killing everything you can get your Ifrit on, Marionettes, Fetish, Blades, everything! collect all the red orbs in the level.
At the very end of the level, SAVE. do this right before the end! Reset your game and load your newly saved data...
You'll start the mission over with all the red orbs you just got! Rinse and Repeat... always repeat! (note: this only works with red orbs, not special items or orbs found throughout the level)


Unlock The Dante Must Die Mode
Beat Legendary Dark Night Mode to unlock Dante Must Die Mode.

Enable Super Dante

Beat Dante Must Die Mode to unlock Super Dante.
With this, you can transform into a devil, and use magic indefinitely.

Enable The Hard Mode

Beat the game once to unlock Hard Mode.

Enable The Legendary Dark Night Mode

Beat Hard Mode to unlock Legendary Dark Night Mode.


To unlock All Star Group Photo you must get S Rank on all missions.


Clear any mission from 1-3 using continues, and there will be an option at the start of the next mission asking if you wish to change to Easy.

Submitted by: AJ, DominicK, Aziz K and Krappa

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