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Dark Cloud 2
Also known as: Dark Chronicle (Japan)

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Recruiting Clare: To recruit Clare you will need to take photos of the 2 plant monster in second chapter, then go to the house next to Yuris's house and give the photos to her.
Monica's Monster Outfits: Tips: You need to find out what each monster likes, put the stuff they like in a pig-like capsule that you can buy from Sharot in the future. When you meet the monster throw the capsule at them and if you succeed you will see a sign, kill them like you always do and they'll drop a badge. Some badges are easier to obtain, you can get the skeleton badge by killing it with Holy Water (remember to use Monica) or killing bomber man with bombs. In order to find out what monsters like, read the invention notes that give out hints for Yuris's invention with Monica and sometimes it'll give you monster hints instead. Something you can try is talking with the same breed of monster you've transformed (e.g. the flower type you get automatically) and they'll often give out hints regarding other monsters.

Submitted by: AJ and C Bailey

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