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Sony Playstation2 Game Cheats
Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex

Also known as: Crash Bandicoot 4

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When you beat the Boss on level four and have earned the bazooka, return to level 1, Arctic Antics.
Now, shoot the three woolly mammoths and you'll get more lives.

Once you defeat the second Boss and have the "Double Jump", jump on the heads of the woolly mammoths (you do not have to wait for the bazooka). You will get an extra life for each woolly mammoth you jump on. Note: For the one at the end, you can get up the glaciers if you keep trying.

Go to the bonus platform and go through the bonus level. When you get back, jump to the right. You should hit a woolly mammoth and get one extra life if you jumped on it. You have to jump back quickly because the woolly mammoth vanishes.

Night Flight: Gem Box

It is possible to complete this level once and get everything. When you get to the first checkpoint box, do not hit it, just continue walking. When you get to the fork, take left path first (Crossbones). If you are successful, you will get a Clear Gem. After going out of the Crossbones path, keep walking until you get to a checkpoint box. Hit it. Next, backtrack to the first checkpoint box (taking the right path), and hit it. When this is done, sacrifice a life. Now, take the right path again and get to the end of the level. You should have already gotten the Crystal. Note: Backtracking may require several attempts.

Cold Hard Crash: Gem Box

You must complete this level twice -- the first time, for the Crystal and the Crossbones Platform Gem, then, to get the Gem Box. The Gem Box is very difficult to get. First, get to the second check-point in order to activate the Crossbones Platform. Then, step into it. Carefully get to the end of the treacherous section (do not fall down the pit) and hit the "!" box to activate some hidden boxes at the beginning of the Crossbones section. Backtrack to the Skull Platform (where you started), getting all the remaining boxes, and step on it. This will return you to the normal path. Continue this way until the end of the level and you will receive the Clear Gem. Note: In the bonus area, one TNT box will not explode with the rest. It is the first one of the last series. There is also a hidden box in the bonus area. It is above the two striped boxes. You can get there by sliding and jumping from their left side.

Bonzat Bonsat: Super belly flop power

After acquiring the Red Gem, go to the Bonzat Bonsat level. Jump onto the Red Gem, then make your way to the end to find a gem and the super belly flop power.

Wizards And Lizards: 3 second time trial

Hit the clock at the start of the level to start the time trial. Then, press Select. You will warp to the end of the level and earn your Platinum Relic.

Defeating Wa Wa

When you are facing Wa Wa, crunch will shoot things at you. He will fire blue beams that you should jump over. When he fires green things, duck. Hop from one panel to another. When you reach Crunch quickly spin. Watch out -- the panels will sink.

Submitted by: GundamFan, AJ, AladinSane, Oparaina2002 and Graham Roberts

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