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Sony Playstation2 Game Cheats
Champions: Return to Arms
Champions: Return to Arms

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Trick 1: How to get item duplication: This trick requires at least two controllers and enough space on your memory card for two files (about 800K). Go to "Create Game" under the adventurous level, and choose how many players you want. For example, if you have four controllers, choose four players. When you get to the player selection screen, import the character who has the items to be duplicated to every player and start the game. You will now have copies of your character. Have all but one of your extra characters drop the desired items. Then, pick them up with your primary character (that did not drop the items) and save the game. Then, exit the game and go to the main menu. Start a new game under any difficulty setting. At the character import/selection screen, and import the character that picked up the dropped items. You have now duplicated those items.
Trick 2: How to get item duplication:
You can duplicate any number of items and give them to a character just starting out in the campaign. To do this, you must first have a saved game file that has the character with the item that you want to duplicate. Start a new game with up to four characters and import the character with the item desired to be duplicated into each of the characters (up to four). Give all of the items to be duplicated to one of them and save the game. Then, create a new game and repeat the same procedure; but this time use the character from the newest saved game which should have multiple items already. Note: To save memory card space, just keep saving over the duplicating file. Continue doing this until the number of items duplicated is reached. Start a new game creating the character you want for the mission, then import the character that has been duplicated and give the items to the character that is actually being created for a game. Finally, create a new game and import the character that you created and then gave the duplicated items to in order to start the game with whatever items desired. Note: This can also be done to generate more money by selling the duplicated items instead of keeping them with the character that was created for the new game.
Trick 3: How to get easy arena levels: To do this trick you need to have a Shadow Knight with Raise Army. When playing the arena in single or co-op mode, in round two of every board once your score appears cast Raise Army. You must have characters alive when you move onto the next round. When the third round comes up, every enemy will die. This is helpful because the third round is always the most difficult. This trick works on the second round as well, but it is better to save it for the third round.

How to get a quick Gate Scroll: Instead of pressing the Start button and going to Gate Scroll, hold the Square button and then press the Select button.

Submitted by: Randy T, CheatBookJon and Gavin Luthwald

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