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Sony Playstation2 Game Cheats
Burnout 2: Point of Impact
Burn Out 2 Point of Impact

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100mph Boost: 
To get at 100mph in the beginning of the race you have to press the
Square and then press the X when it says "GO" you boost all the way to 100mph-110mph in just not even a second!
Unlock Driver's Ed Car: Get all gold in the Offensive Driving 101 tests.
Get Multi-player pursuit mode: Complete pursuit 1-3(or just 3)and then you get pursuit mode in  player and multi-player pursuit mode.
Unlock Runaway mode: Get all gold in the crash mode. Then go into options and you'll find cheats. Go into it and find "runaway" and then press X. This should give a
extra boost in the beginning of the crash mode. Note: Crash mode changes to runaway mode.
Get a new championship and new fast car: Complete championship mode and then you will get a new  championship to complete and you'll get the new car!
Two player pursuit mode: Successfully complete Pursuit 3.

Submitted by: Rob L and Michael Stohl

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