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Bujingai: The Forsaken City

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Game completion bonuses: If you successfully complete the game once (on any difficulty setting) and you will get all CG's and credit scenes, the hard mode, the high scores display, the opening demo game and the stage select.
How to unlock the Super Mode: Successfully complete the game on the Hard Mode setting. 

Obtain the amount of Tai Chi Symbols Required to unlock the Reward.

Reward .... Tai Chi Symbols Required
Unlocks Production Press Release Meeting .... 5
Unlocks Gackt Interview .... 10
Unlocks Gackt's Voice and Motion Capture .... 15
Unlocks Image Lau .... 20
Unlocks Setup For Lau's Outfit .... 25
Unlocks Image Lau .... 30
Unlocks Hirokazu Yamadera Interview .... 40
Unlocks Ou Tian Zai's Voice .... 50
Unlocks Image Oni 1 .... 50
Unlocks Sakamoto Maaya Interview Obtain 60
Unlocks Image Oni 2 .... 70
Unlocks Norio Wakamoto Interview .... 80
Unlocks Image Oni 3 .... 90
Unlocks Image Oni 4 .... 100
Unlocks Image Ou Tian Zai .... 110
Unlocks Lei Zhen Long .... 110
Unlocks Demo Version Video and TGS Video .... 120

Submitted by: Robert H and AJ

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