Sony Playstation2 Game Cheats
Also known as: XI Go

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Unlock new challenges by entering one of the codes below on the password screen.

Password .... Effect 
QQRniVF6tM5 .... Condition: 3 minute time limit. Original "Devil Dice" mode. 
TQXYRyXhdm5 .... Condition: Chain Attack mode, 2 minutes only. Speed fixed at 3/5.
U8mnPYmG7QW .... Condition: Get to level 10 before the three-minute time limit. 
U8mnPYmG7Qw .... Condition: Get to level 10 within the 3-minute time limit. 
BbrMjXSbnB3 .... Condition: Get to level five as fast as you can. 
mqH7aHQUMC3 .... Condition: Three-minute time limit. Speed is set at 4/5. 
APGyfYbXJd3 .... Condition: Two-minute time limit. Speed is set at 4/5. 
mDHHitPhinX .... Condition: Two-player time attack. To win, score 20000/reach level 5. 
ijEhjTtETe3 .... Condition: Two-player, five-minute limit. Get the the highest level possible.
GVFhSiQW8m5 .... Condition: Delete all dice before the combo ends. 
J3P8rFqeTF3 .... Condition: Eliminate all 50 dice at the starting screen. Speed fixed at 5/5. 
hfjYWUKb343 .... Condition: Eliminate all dice at the starting screen. Speed fixed at 5/5. 

Unlock Classic Mode:
Get a high score in Trial or Quest Mode and you will unlock Classic Mode.

Submitted by: AJ and CheatBookJon

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