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Sony Playstation2 PS2 Game Cheats, Hints, Codes and Information
Blitz: The League
Alt. name(s): Blitz The League

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Blitz: The League
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Enter one of the Codes below as a code, to enable the Effect you require.

Effect .... Code
2 player co-op mode .... CHUWAY
Super clash mode .... CLASHY
Super unleash clash mode .... BIGDOGS
Stamina disabled .... NOTTIRED
Ball trailer always on .... ONFIRE
Beach ball .... BOUNCY
Double unleash icons .... PIPPED

Unlockable training mode bonuses:
Successfully complete all training goals to unlock new game modes and reveal how other new modes are unlocked.
Game modes: All Or Nothing: Score in one set of downs or turn it over. BigHead: Big heads. Bonecrushers: Bone breaks in almost all hits. Buttafingaz: Every hit causes fumble. Cyberball: Robot football with no downs and exploding ball. David vs. Goliath: Big players versus smaller faster players. Deuces Wild: Safeties and two pointers are two points, everything else worth one point. domination: Make it take it. Lucky 7's: Every play you have the ball deducts one point from a touchdown. No Injuries: No injuries. Pain: Touchdowns, dirty hits, and unleashed hits will score points. Windbreakers: Farts.

Submitted by: P. Bellshill and CheatBookJon

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