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BeatMania 2 DX 6th Style
Beat Mania II DX 6th Style

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Select arcade mode and complete the following songs in order:
1. Yesterday.
2. A New Morning and.
3. Night Of Fire.
Get a high score, then enter the name below at the high score screen:
Continue after the ending credits and all options will be unlocked.

UNLOCK ALL OPTIONS (Another Explanation)
Play Light 7 or Normal Arcade mode and play the following stages in this order: Yesterday, A New Morning, Night of Fire.
You can use continues, but you have to clear these stages in this order.
If you get Extra stage, you can choose any song but you have to clear it (continues allowed).
Then enter your high score name as ''2DX6'' and watch the whole ending (DO NOT SKIP THE ENDING).
After the ending is done, ''COMPLETE'' should appear on the menu screen.
If you are having trouble getting onto the high scores, reset the scores and do this.
All tatsujiin movies, gallery pictures, expert courses, songs, and the Original Expert Course mode will be unlocked.

Submitted by: CheatBookJon and Paul Q

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