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Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance
Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance

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Unlock the Cheat menu: While playing, hold L1 + R2 + Left + Triangle, then press Start to access a cheat menu with Level Warp and Invulnerability. 
Get multiple weapons or lots of cash: To get multiple weapons or in 
some cases lots o' cash, use the cheat menu to turn Invulnerability on 
and beat the Onyx Golem. When he drops the onyx sword, go back to the 
tavern and save when you first enter the cellar. Go to your status 
screen (equipment screen if that is better) and drop your onyx sword. I 
know that it may seem stupid but trust me. Change your character and 
load the character you just saved. Now pick up the onyx sword and 
voila, you now have 2 of them. And the best part is that you can 
continue this little trick until you reach your weight limit. And make 
sure to save at least one onyx sword for your self and don't forget to 
save the game.
Character at level 25: You must have a save point in the level before 
the finish level - or jump on it with level warp.
Import your character /level 1 
(import a better ch. with arrows and bow and leave those for him)
Go into the previous level and kill the iron golem
You'll obtain the onyx sword and l.25 experience.
Unlock Gauntlet Mode: Beat the game on any difficulty level to unlock 
Gauntlet Mode.
Level 20 Character and 75000 Gold: When in play mode, press L1, R2, Triangle, Left D-Pad, R3 and start at same time to instantly make your character 20th level, with 75000 gold, 1000 Health and 1000 Mana, and a minimum of 1 in every feat, including other character specific feats. 
The downside is that your character does NOT gain any further experience points while playing, and is stuck at 20th level, with low level feats. The normal character max is 40th level. 
Level 40 character: NOTE: You must have a saved game on extreme mode and this cheat does NOT work on Drizzt... To get a level 40 character, start a new game on easy mode. Save your game as soon as you're able to move and then load the extreme mode save. Then import the caracter from the easy game and use the warp code to turn on invincibility and warp to the hall of remembrance (second last on your list). Go down the stairs and beat the onyx golem (this will take a while tough). Now you have a level 40 caracter and the best sword in the game (the golem will drop it after you beat it)
Unlock Extreme Mode: Beat Gauntlet mode to unlock Extreme Mode. 
Unlock Drizzt Do'Urden: Hold R2 + R1 + L1 + L2 while selecting your 
character. However, you cannot load a saved game using Drizzt until 
you've unlocked Extreme Mode.

Submitted by: K. Wilson, Adrian Phillips, Paul Goddard, AJ and CheatBookJon

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