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ATV OffRoad Fury 2
ATV Off Road Fury II

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On the Main Menu, select the Profile Editor option. Choose Unlock Items and then Cheat Codes.
You can now enter one of the Passwords below to enable the Effect you require.
You will see a message to confirm.
Note: Some codes can be re-entered to turn off its effect.

Effect .... Password
The master code .... IGIVEUP
Unlock all ATVs .... SHOWROOM
Unlock all games .... GAMEON
Unlock all tracks .... TRLBLAZR
Unlock all equipment .... THREADS
All championship events .... GOLDCUPS
Disable wrecks .... FLYPAPER
1,000 profile points .... GIMMEPTS
San Jacinto Isles .... GABRIEL
Aggressive CPU ATVs .... EATDIRT

Easy win:
Start with a Red Ravage Talon and edit the engine stats all the way up except for perhaps two. Take traction down by 1 or 2, and on suspension go up by 2. When you get enough profile points, buy the ATV that resembles a Yamaha Banshee or the Trinity Racing ATV and set it up the same as your Ravage.
Easy points: Enable the "Disable wrecks" code, then enter freestyle mode. If you flip the ATV, you can keep doing stunts until it flips back over. You can get up to twelve combos before you stop getting points, unless the back tires are moving you on the ground. It is possible to get up to 30 combos and 200,000 points from one flip over.
Bonus ATVs: Successfully complete the training course to unlock the blue, green, red, and yellow Ravage Talon ATVs.
ATV 1 bonuses: Play ATV Offroad Fury and save the game. Use the same memory card with ATV Offroad Fury 2 and create a new profile. A message will confirm that the G-Ride ATV, G-Ride Jersey, G-Ride Goggles, G-Ride Helmet, G-Ride Gloves, and the G-Ride Boots have been unlocked.
Launch into preload: Before you hit a ramp, press the Analog-stick Down then Analog-stick Up at the tip of the ramp to launch your ATV into a preload. This is very useful when attempting tricks.
Zoom out: Choose a freestyle competition track and race there. Once it begins, hold R1 + L1 + Right Analog-stick Down to zoom out to the point to where your ATV and rider appear very small.
Slide perpendicular to ground: From a standstill on ice, pull a wheelie untill you are on the verge of falling. Release the controls completely, and you will be sliding perpendicular to the ground.
Anaconda: At the track that looks like the Amazon, go to one of the tracks that leads into a river. Once there, you will see an alligator and some piranha. Staying on the bank, drive down the narrow but deep river and an anaconda can be seen swimming around.
Drive fast and catch big air: In any track, drive straight until reaching a huge hill. Go up the hill, and there will be a big flat field. Keep driving straight until you hear a shotgun. You will be thrown off very far.
Avoid drowning: When the water is just barely above your head, pop a wheelie until you almost fall off and try to keep your head above water.

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