[ i ]  Sony Playstation2 Game Information
Alt. name(s): Man Hunt

Release Date(s):
North American NTSC Version: 18 November 2003
European PAL Version: 21 November 2003
Japanese NTSC version: n/a

Company info:

Published by: Rockstar Games
Developed by: Rockstar North

Manhunt's totally unique gameplay premise makes you rely on skill and cunning rather than brute force, placing you in the role of Cash--the prey in a hunter's game. Survive the hellish experience, evading hired killers while searching for the identity of the "the Director", the man who has made you his pawn. Fight for your life against packs of vicious hunters, off-duty cops letting off steam, and full-blown psychopaths with a taste for blood. It's them or you.
Sophisticated graphical techniques bring to life the dirt, grime, shadow and slime of deserted neighbourhoods in Carcer City. The sound design for Manhunt is central to gameplay, with audio production on a level heretofore unseen in a game--the incredible 3-D audio system is completely dynamic, and as a result the player becomes the star.
As the twisted tale of one man's obsession and the lengths he'll go to in fulfilling it, Manhunt's narrative is told through cinematics that show you both Cash's, and the Director's, points of view.

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