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Jak II
Alt. name(s): Jak 2, Jak II: Renegade

Release Date(s):
North American NTSC Version: 14 October 2003
European PAL Version: 17 October 2003
Japanese NTSC version: n/a

Company info:

Published by: SCEA
Developed by: Naughty Dog

Friendship. Betrayal. Revenge. Prepare for an epic adventure unlike any other as the world of Jak and Daxter unveils some drastic and amazingly radical transformations. Travel to a future alive with drama, conflict, uncertainty and boundless possibilities. The legendary duo returns. Two years have passed since the last adventure, and Jak has grown into a mature young hero with a hardened edge. Dater returns as only Daxter can. The storyline is fully integrated with gameplya-every mission in the game has a direct impact on the involving story. Enjoy the use of up to 4 powerful weapons and a unique hoverboard with unbridled freedom. Hop into any parked vehicles that you find and travel across haven City. Use these items and skills anytime and anywhere in the world, and switch seamlessly between them. Experience innovative technology and incredibly intelligent AI, allowing for not only smarter enemies with dozens of unique animations, but also for the possibility to fight alongside NPCs during certain missions. More than one hour of movie quality in-game cinematics, top-notch voice talent and a dynamic musical score.

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