[ i ]  Sony Playstation2 Game Information
Grand Theft Auto III
Alt. name(s): Grand Theft Auto 3, GTA 3, GTA3

Release Date(s):
North American NTSC Version: 22 October 2001
European PAL Version: 26 October 2001
Japanese NTSC Version: 25 September 2003

Company info:

Published by: Rockstar Games
(Published by Capcom in Japan)
Developed by: Rockstar North

The game puts you in the shoes of a vicious, albeit novice, criminal. Traditionally, your missions centre on the gangs inhabiting the city - each one always has jobs for you to perform, and your prosperity as a criminal depends on your ability to manipulate each gang. Ice a few members of one gang, and you'll gain its rival's favour. Jobs range anywhere from running dope and taking out rivals to sabotage and kidnapping.

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