WWF Smackdown
Also Known as: Exciting Pro Wrestling (Jap)

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Do many pre-seasons to unlock more stuff like a new Rock and the ability to skip pre-season. 

To get extra ability points for a newly created wrestler. Firstly complete the season mode 5 times (that's to get 80), to get 90 complete it 10 times and to get 100 complete it 20 times.

Double-Team Senton Bomb
Select a Handicap match and set up as 1P and 2P vs. Com. Have a friend be Player2. Select the Hardy boys for players 1 and 2,and any one else for the com. Beat up your opponent badly, until Jeff  Hardy has a green dot. Then, slam your opponent face up in the middle of the ring both players 1 and 2 should climb the turnbuckles opposite each other. Have the player controlling Jeff press L1 and the player controlling Matt press X at the same time. If done correctly, they perform a double Setoff Bomb and will score an easy victory. 

Hardy Boys move
Use the Hardy Boys or Edge/Christian. Throw opponent in turnbuckle. Put one of your guys near opponent in turnbuckle and push L2. Take other Hardy/Edge/Christian and run to teammate and push X when he jumps off.

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