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Ultra Hard Game
To access the Rapier Class races without working your way through and perfecting earlier circuits, call up the "Select No. of players" screen and highlight One Player on the menu. Press and hold L2, R2, Left, Start and Select then press X.

The hidden seventh circuit, Firestar, is brought to light in an equally devious way. Similar to the above, highlight One Player and hold L1, R2, Right, Start, Square, Circle and use X to activate the option. Proceed to "Select Race Class" and opt for a Single Race. Determine your team and pilot as usual and look for a new Mars-based track on the "Select Racing Circuit" screen.

Glitch Tip
If you're sure you are going to lose a race, perform a 180° turn just before the finishing line so that your speeder slides across it backwards. Bizarrely, you'll be given an extra lap in which to catch up.
Press pause during the countdown to the grid start, and select the CD track "Wipeout". By opening your Playstation, the game will continue as normal but at half speed.

Submitted by: Boris Tahanatui

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