Vanguard Bandits
Also know as: Epica Stella

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Whenever in battle, if you are trying to hit the enemy with a reasonably low hit percentage (eg. 59%), save first before attempting the attack. If the attack is unsuccessful, reload and try again. Keep repeating until you manage to hit the enemy. Note: this is not exactly a cheat but more of a tip, and you risk saving the game over a regretful decision that you might have made earlier, causing you to restart from the very beginning, so it's a risk that you have to take.

Power attack
Hold X while choosing an attack. Keep the button held until you attack to do more damage.

To get this secret ATAC, successfully complete the game once.
Then, in Mission 10 or 11 you will have a multiple choice answer during your conversation with the princess: ''I intend to end the war'' and ''I will conquer the continent''.
If you choose to end the war, you will go to mission 12.
If you choose to conquer the continent, you will advance to mission 45 ''Ruin Branch'' and also get TIC-TAC.

Submitted by: AJ and Julian Ho

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