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Triple Play Baseball


With this cheat The EA Dream Team will be a selectable team in the single game mode.
On the Team Selection screen, press:
Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right.

Good Hands: Catch a ball that is going over the fence.
Better Hands: Make 2 diving catches in a single game.
Awesome Hands: Make 2 to 3 diving catches in a single game.
Walk Softly: Hit 2 homeruns in a row.
Big Baseball: Throw 6 strikeouts in a row.
What an Arm: Throw 9 strikeouts in a row.
He's On Fire: Throw 12 strikeouts in a row.
Pee Wee League: Get more than eleven hits in a single game.
Fast Players: Steal three bases with the same player in a single game.
Power-Up Defense: Make three double plays in a single game.
Big League Challenge Power Boost: Hit ten consecutive homeruns in Big League Challenge to get a boost in power, which is noted with a flaming baseball.. With seven more consecutive homeruns, you will receive another boost in power, which is noted by a pulsating bat.
Homerun Sounds: Press Triangle or Square to hear air horns or Circle to hear whistles while running around the bases after hitting a homerun. Note: Set the Sound FX volume to maximum for best results.

Submitted by: AJ

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