Tomb Raider III 3
Also known as: Tomb Raider 3 III: Adventures of Lara Croft

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This cheat will give you all weapons, medkits, flares and save crystals.
During play, quickly press:
L2, R2 (two times), L2 (four times), R2, L2, R2 (two times), L2, R2 (two times), L2 (two times), R2, L2 (two times), R2
Lara will scream to confirm.

During play, quickly press:
L2, R2, L2(two times), R2, L2, R2, L2, R2, L2(four times), R2, L2, R2(four times), L2.
Lara will say 'No' to confirm.


This cheat will unlock all secrets, including the All Hallowed bonus level.
During play, quickly press:
L2(five times), R2, L2(three times), R2, L2, R2, L2(two times), R2, L2(two times), R2, L2(two times).
Lara will say 'No' to confirm.


This cheat will give you the racetrack key in Lara's mansion.
During play, quickly press:
R2, L2(three times), R2, L2(six times), R2, L2(five times), R2, L2(two times).

During play, quickly press:
R2(two times), L2, R2, L2(six times), R2, L2(three times), R2, L2(five times).

This cheat will allow you to use three weapons simultaneously.
During play, quickly press:
L2(two times), R2(two times), R1, L1, R2, L1(three times), L2(three times), L1, R1(three times), R2.

Finding Lara's basement and race course key:
Go to the Library. When Lara walks in the doorway, there are two bookcases to the right. Approach the one on the left and press Action. Lara will pull a book and the fire will extinguish, allowing her to climb up the side wall inside the fireplace. After reaching the top, follow the passageways until reaching a room with two levels, with a lever on the top level. Pull the block that is on the floor towards the lever. When Lara pulls the switch, the basement door will temporarily open. Quickly run through the attic, and down to the main hall to reach the basement. Once in the basement, walk through to the second room and look in the tank on the right side. Inside are keys to the race course. To collect it, pull the block in the other room to the center. Climbing up to that hall leads to the tank. Then, proceed out of the attic. Do not go back down the fireplace, as it has been re-lit.
Racetrack key in Lara's mansion: Enable the code, then go to the hedges with the keyhole. Insert the key and go through the gate that opens on your left. Go up the stairs to find the four wheeler on the obstacle course. To get on, walk up to the side and press X. To get off, hold the D-pad + Circle. Pressing Right exits to the right and vice versa.
Lara's museum: Activate the switch on the back of the diving board in Laura's pool room. Go to the door it opens in her lobby. Pull the lever, and quickly roll. Sprint straight across her lobby and roll into her museum, barely making it in time. The Dagger of Xian among other artifacts are in her museum.
Super weapons in Lara's home: Start a new game, then enable the "All weapons" code. Enable the "Level skip" code until you pass levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 . You will now get the globe, asking you to choose your next adventure. Select "London". Exit the game and go to Lara's home. All the weapons are now in your possession, even if their pictures do not appear in the inventory. However, you can only use the Desert Eagle.
Get on top of Lara's mansion: Go on the rope slide platform. Face the right wall an eighth of the way, so she is looking at the corner. Press Jump, and while in the air, press Look and Down. Release the buttons before landing. Do this twice. When you get on top of the right pillar, jump to the left pillar, then do a running jump to reach the top of the mansion.
Flip in the air: Instead of jumping forward or backward and pressing Roll immediately, press the opposite direction. For example, if you jump forward, immediately press Down and Lara will do a flip in the air. Do the opposite if you jump backwards.
Get through the quicksand: To get through the quicksand on the first level, enable the "All weapons" code. Go to the quicksand, walk into it, and keep going until your health starts to drop. When your health blinks (in the red), press Select to display the items screen. Go to Large Medi Pack and select it. Keep doing this until you are out of the quicksand.
Break Lara's neck: Climb to the monkey bars in the gym and walk to the edge. While holding R1 + Forward, press Square and she will dive off. When she hits the ground, she will break her neck.

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