MTV Sports: TJ Lavin's Ultimate BMX


Colorful level
Go to practice session select a rider. Press Up or Down to choose a favorite tag color, then press X to get to the level selection screen. Choose any level, then to make your level colorful, do tricks and grinds off of ramps, half-pipes, quarter-pipes, rails, ledges, etc.

Electric surges
You can make electric surges go through your body by doing extreme tricks. Note: Do not keep doing the same tricks repeatedly, because it will take a very long time to get the power. Once you have the power, you can get extreme air, do crazy tricks, and amazing spins.

Get to the secret level "Warehouse Rock"
When your are playing the level TJ Backyard, then there is a key by the old van.
When you can get it, the key will unlock "Warehouse Rock".

Submitted by: AJ

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