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Successfully complete the levels below, in the Mode and in or under the Time specified to unlock the extras listed.  


Level: Mode: Time: Unlock:
Subway Agent 2:15 Castle level
Masquerade Agent 3:15 Air Raid level
Night Watch 00 Agent 2:20 Forest level
Turncoat Agent 3:20 Capture The Briefcase level
Whole game 00 Agent Any Golden Gun level
King's Ransom Agent 2:20 Team King Of The Hill level
Cold Reception Secret Agent 3:15 Sky Rail level
City Of Walkways Secret Agent 3:45 Covert Skins
Masquerade 00 Agent 4:20 Scientist skins
City Of Walkways Agent 3:35 Civilian skins
Cold Reception 00 Agent 3:25 Exotic skins
A Sinking Feeling 00 Agent 2:55 Navy skins
Midnight Departure Agent 3:05 Soldier skins
King's Ransom Secret Agent 3:45 Security skins
Whole game Agent Any Contemporary Skins
Whole game Secret Agent Any Classic skins
Courier Secret Agent 2:00 Suit skins
City of Walkways 2 Agent 3:00 Wildfire mode
Thames Chase 00 Agent 4:25 Exotic weapons mode
Fallen Angel Secret Agent 2:45 Gadget war mode


Cold Reception level HELP:
When you start out, kill the man that is running at you. Run to the boxes that are by the pipes. Do not kill the two men standing on the pipes -- only kill them if they are shooting at you.

Wait for the Parahawk to turn around and head back at you. Grab the man's gun and pause game play. Enter the inventory and take out the Meyer TMP. When the Parahawk is overhead, keep shooting it until it explodes. Then, kill the two men standing on the pipes.

Make sure you get the AR36 Sniper by the boxes. Then, look to your right and start skiing down the small hill.

Once you get to a pipe, ski down inside of it. When you get out of the pipe, there will be a man hiding behind a box. Take out the AR36 Sniper and kill him with one shot. Now, turn to your left and ski down the next hill. There will be another man hiding behind a box-- kill him. Ski down the third hill and repeat the same thing.

Proceed through the pipe after killing the man that was behind the box. When you get out you will see Elektra. She will run away and crouch down by a wall of snow. Run out into the open and shoot the man by the pipes. Also kill the men on the pipes that are now on your left. Run over by Elektra and get behind the boxes. There will be some men trying to shoot you, and there will be two Parahawks in the sky. Kill all of the men and destroy the Parahawks to complete the level.

Courier level HELP
When you start out, walk forward and talk to the lady at the desk. After that, turn to your left and walk forward until you reach the metal detector. Press Square until you have your VLF Disruptor ready. Press X to activate it, then walk through the metal detector. As soon as you walk through, press Square until you are unarmed.

Walk up to the man guarding the door and wait until he is done talking. Get out your Wolfram P2K and quickly kill him. Run over to the alarm on your left and turn it off. The alarm will automatically turn on when you shoot him. After that is done, walk through the door that he was guarding. Keep your Wolfram P2K out, because three men will try to kill you.

After you kill the three men, hit the button on the elevator. Also hit the elevator button when you get in it. As soon as you get out, you will encounter a couple men and some cameras. Use your Sniper Mode to take out the cameras. In the next room, there will be just one camera. Get in the elevator at the end of the hall. When you get out of the elevator, turn to your left and you will see a man walking down the hallway. Kill him, and turn the left corner. There will be a man running down the other hallway. He will be headed directly for you, so kill him quickly. Take his gun and pause game play. Enter the inventory and you should have a gun called the Koffler KSS.

After you kill all the guards in the rooms and hallways, you will have to enter a certain room. Go into every room until you find the one with a crooked picture. Approach the picture and press Circle. A bookshelf will open behind you. Walk through the passageway and when you see a security guard. Kill him. Go over and take his gun. You should now have the Frinesi Shotgun. Use your Fingerprint Scanner and scan the thermos on the table. Then, scan the keypad on the locked door. The door should unlock -- go through it.

Turn to your right and start walking forward. There will be another locked door there. Walk up to it and scan the keypad. It will open and Lachaise will be sitting at his desk. He will talk for awhile. When his associate kills him, run and take the briefcase on the table. Turn to your left and break open the window with the briefcase to complete the level.

King's Ransom level HELP
When you start, run and take the armor in front of you. Chase the girl in the red shirt until you reach some enemies. Remember to look for any kind of cover when you run into enemies as well as armor.

After awhile you will run into a situation. In the middle of the road are barrels with several people behind them. There will also be a man standing on a balcony launching grenades. Quickly run across the street, take the armor, and run back. Try to kill anyone you can from where you are standing. Take out your Ingalls Type 20 and run into the street.

Shoot at the man on the balcony while you are moving around. After you killed him, use the same method on the other men. When you finally reach the end of the level, there will be a hot air balloon floating upwards. You should already have your grappling hook watch out. Aim for the bottom, and there should be a section highlighted by four red lines. Press X and you should hook onto the balloon and complete the level.

Night Watch level: Guards HELP
Do not shoot any of the guards or you will fail the mission. You hit them with your Tranquilizer Gun. You only have five bullets, so use them wisely. If you run out of bullets, just try to avoid the guards. Also, the guards wake up after awhile.

Instead of shooting the guards with the tranquilizer gun, you can kill them by punching them. That is the only way to kill them without getting caught.

Instead of using the tranquilizer gun or the punch attack, use your cell phone stunner. While it will not kill the guard, it has unlimited ammo and does not give the guard any chance to fight back. Only use the tranquilizer gun if a guard has spotted you and is running away to sound the alarm.

Russian Roulette level HELP
As soon as the level starts, turn to your left slightly, then start walking straight ahead. Go up to the woman in the gold dress and press Circle. After you talk to her, look to your right. A man should be walking towards her.

Go to the door that the man came from. Quickly get your credit card lock pick out and pick the lock on the door. Go through the door and start walking straight ahead. You should see a man (Zukovsky) sitting at a table. Talk to him and get the $25,000 credit. Go out of the room and turn to your right. Walk past the man talking to his girlfriend. There should be a security guard waiting in front of a door. Give him the credit and proceed through the door. Go through and there should be a dealer waiting at his table. Go up to the table and press Circle.

There will be a message from MI6. Press Select and listen to the message if you do not know how to play Blackjack. When you start out, bet about $10,000. If you lose it, bet a little less. When you get past $90,000, only bet $1,000. Once you win, return to Zukovsky's room and talk to him to complete the level.

Submitted by: Craig C, Domino2zero, Elf and Frómagé

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