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Fight as Kuma:
Complete arcade mode once. When selected, he will be a giant panda. To fight as Kuma the brown bear, press Triangle when selecting him. They both have the same moves.
Fight as Juila: Complete arcade mode with two characters.
Fight as Gun Jack: Complete arcade mode with three characters.
Fight as Mokujin: Complete arcade mode with four characters.
Fight as Anna: Complete arcade mode with five characters.
Fight as Bryan: Complete arcade mode with six characters.
Fight as Heihachi: Complete arcade mode with seven characters.
Fight as Ogre: Complete arcade mode with eight characters.
Fight as True Ogre: Complete arcade mode with nine characters.
Fight as Panda: Highlight Kuma at the character selection screen and press Circle.
Fight as Tiger: Highlight Eddy Gordo at the character selection screen and press Triangle. Alternately, successfully complete the game with eighteen characters.
Fight as Mukojin's Wife: Highlight Mukojin at the character selection screen and press X or Circle.
Fight as Doctor Boskonovitch: Select Tekken Force Mode from the main menu. Your first goal is to fight Heihachi's "Tekken Forces" all the way to the Mishima Fortress, where you will hopefully get to fight Heihachi Mishima and defeat him. When you have accomplished this, you will get a copper key. Do this three more times to get the silver and gold keys. The third time you defeat Heihachi, a message saying "Final Stage Challenge" should appear on the screen. You will then go to the Underground stage where you must fight the Doctor. Not only is he very tricky, but the 60 second time limit makes him even harder to beat. Defeat him to unlock him in arcade mode and the Underground stage.
Fight as Doctor Boskonovitch(2): Complete Tekken Force Mode four times and defeat him at the final stage. He will be playable in all modes including arcade mode.
Fight as Doctor Boskonovitch(3): Alternately, battle on two player versus mode between 50 and 120 times, if you already have unlocked all characters besides Dr. Boskonovitch.
Fight as Gon: Play in survival mode and get at least third place in the ranking list. Enter GON as a name to unlock him.
Fight as Gon(2): Complete arcade mode using Doctor Boskonovitch. Then, select arcade mode and press the D-pad off either side of the character selection screen. Alternatively, defeat Gon under "Ball mode" or play survival or force mode until prompted for initials, then enter GON.
Fight as Gon(3): Successfully complete the game with ten characters in arcade mode and unlock Tekken Ball Mode. When starting Tekken Ball Mode, your first opponent will be Gon. Defeat him and he will unlocked in all modes.
Fight as Gon(4): In round 5 or 6 of arcade mode, get a KO after only losing 5% of your energy. You will fight Gon in the next round. Defeat him and complete arcade mode to unlock him as a playable character. He appears just off to the right of the screen on the top row of characters in arcade mode.
Fight against Panda as a Boss: Select Tekken Force Mode and highlight Kuma and press Triangle at the character selection screen. The Boss of the backstreets will be Panda, since you are playing as Kuma.
Unlocking Gon and Dr. Boskonovitch easily: Set the game on easy, one round, and unlimited time. Play in arcade mode and on the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh round, allow your opponent to take all but five percent of your health before defeating him. If done correctly, the announcer will say "Great". Gon or Dr. Boskonovitch will be your opponent in the next round. Defeat them to unlock them as playable characters.
Unlocking Gon and Dr. Boskonovitch: Defeat Gon in Tekken Ball mode to unlock him in all modes.
Tekken Ball mode: View all endings of the ten base characters to enable the "Ball Mode" option. You can also get it by completing the game ten times.
Theatre mode: Unlock each character, including Panda, Tiger, Doctor Boskonovitch, and Gon, and view their endings. The "Disc" and "Sound" options under "Theatre Mode" will now be available.
High School stage: Unlock Jin or Xiaoyu's extra costume, then get them as challenger in that costume.
Alternate introduction sequence: Complete the game with the ten base characters to view an alternate introduction featuring the characters in their two-player mode costumes. For another alternate introduction, complete the game with all characters including the secret characters.
Alternate background: Complete arcade mode with all twenty-one characters, including Gon and Dr. Boskonovitch (you also may need to complete it with Tiger). The background in practice mode changes so that Tekken 3 and King of Iron Fist Tournament 3 scrolls across behind the player selection boxes, which are now in the style of the versus board.

Accumulate the amount of Battles below, in Versus mode to Unlock the character/mode specified.

Battles ... Unlocks

100 .... Kuma
150 .... Julia
200 .... Gun Jack
250 .... Mokujin
300 .... Anna
350 .... Bryan
400 .... Heihachi
450 .... Ogre
500 .... True Ogre
550 .... Tekken Ball Mode
600 .... Tiger
650 .... Gon
700 .... Dr. Bosconovitch
750 .... All characters and costumes

Select arcade mode, highlight a fighter on the character selection screen, and hold R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 until the timer reaches zero. Release the buttons when both fighters are displayed.
Two: Alternatively, play as the desired character the indicated number of times. Then, highlight that fighter on the character selection screen and press Start: Ling Xiaoyu (fifty times), Jin Kazama (fifty times), Anna Williams (twenty-five), Gunjack (ten).
Three: Press Start or Triangle when selecting Law. He will fight in a yellow costume with a black stripe down the sides. This outfit looks rather like the biker outfit in one of Bruce Lee's epic films called "Game Of Death".
Four: Highlight a character and press Square.
Five: Highlight a fighter at the character selection screen. Allow the controller to remain idle and wait for the time to run out.
Basic costumes: Go to a character's screen and press X or Circle for the "outfit of their choosing". Press Square or Triangle for their "best training outfit". If the character has a third outfit and you enable it, you can select that instead of "best training outfit" if you press Triangle.

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