Syphon Filter 3

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On the Main Menu, highlight the 'New Game' option and hold:
Square + Circle + L1 + R2 + Select + Up + X.
Now, highlight the 'One Player' option and hold and press:
Square + Circle + L1 + R2 + Select + Up + X.
You will hear a sound to confirm.


Level select:
Successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty setting to unlock the "Level Select" option.
Super Agent mode: Successfully complete the game to unlock Super Agent mode. Start a new game. Pause game play and enter the options screen. Enable the "Super Agent" option to make all shots one-hit kills.
End level: Successfully complete the game to unlock the End Level cheat. This allows you to end the level in missions and in mini-games.
Colorado Bridge level in multi-player mode: Play the Pugari Complex and avoid killing Foreman Jones.
Jungle level in multi-player mode: Rescue the two women in the Jungle level to unlock it for multi-player mode.
Kabul level in multi-player mode: Play the Kabul level and kill all seven snipers without being seen without collecting the AU300.
Pharcom Warehouses in multi-player mode: Successfully complete the Waterfront level with a time under 2 minutes.
Rhoemer's Computer Center in multi-player mode: Complete the C-5 Galaxy Transport level without killing the co-pilot.
Rhoemer's Fortress in multi-player mode: Complete the St. George Australia level without being detected before saving all the aborigines.
Rhoemers Labs in multi-player mode: Play the Costa Rican Plantation level and find the female slave that is being beaten by a guard. Kill him and she will ask you to save her friend. Do that, and complete the level.
S.S..Lorelei multi-player level: Complete the S.S. Lorelei level without killing the engineer.
Biathlon mini-game: Use the Air Taser to snipe all the enemies in Room 413 during the first mission.

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