Shane Warne Cricket 99

On the Classic Match screen, enter one of the passwords below to enable the effect you require..

Password .... Effect
SUPERMAN .... Hit ball for six
BIGBALLS .... Big cricket ball
SOLIDOAK .... Cannot get bowled
SUNSHINE .... Play at the beach
DROPBALL .... Fielders cannot catch
CHRISREA .... Gives helmet cam
PENSIONS .... World 11 team
OVERTIME .... Zimbabwe vs. England 1996 
SAUSAGES .... West Indies vs. India 1996 
DILLBERT .... Australia vs. West Indies 1960 
BATKINGS .... Australia vs. England 1987
PANCAKES .... Australia vs. England 1997
FRIEDEGG .... Classic Match 6
CLUELESS .... Classic Match 9
NOWAYEAS .... Opens all 10 Classic matches

Submitted by: AJ

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