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Shaman King: Spirit of Shamans


Anna training mode:
Successfully complete all Anna's trainings in the Story mode
Sudden death: Successfully complete Story mode with at least a ''normal'' skill level

Unlocking characters note: Most characters can be easily unlocked by just playing and completing the Story mode. To unlock the other characters you must be on Normal skill level or above.
Unlock Anna: After unlocking Anna's training mode, play all mini-games and get a score higher than the original high score.
Unlock Manta: Successfully complete Sudden death mode with Anna
Unlock Tamao: Successfully complete Shaman fight mode with the 2nd Yoh (over soul 1 Yoh)
Unlock Youmei: Successfully complete Sudden death mode with the 1st Yoh
Unlock Iron Maiden Jeanne: After unlocking all the characters, Successfully complete Shaman fight mode with Maruko

Submitted by: XXxNtrixXX

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