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Obtain 7500 credits and go to Nelson via Owmi. At Nelson, you can purchase gold ingots at 500 credits as opposed to 1000 credits at Koorong. Buy the minimum 15 gold ingots and travel back to Koorong. Take your gold to the Currency Exchange and sell enough so the gold's value drops to 520 credits. Return to Nelson and purchase as much gold as possible. You will end up with more gold than you had before. Return to Koorong and increase the number of ingots you are selling to include all of them. However, don't press Circle. Instead, reduce the number of ingots you are selling to zero. You should now notice that the price of gold has risen. Sell off your gold ingots until the prices reaches 520 credits again, then purchase more gold Ingots from Nelson. Repeat this process several times to accumulate money. You cannot acquire more than 50,000 in credits at one time using this trick. Trying to do so will result in losing all of your gold ingots and credits.

Learn the Realm magic spell Psychic Prison and Vermilion Sand. Then, learn Mega Windblast (Light magic). Beat the Time Lord. You need the Overdrive spell for the next battle. If you visited the secret shop in Koorong, then now is the time to equip the Hyper Blasters. Equip Psychic Prison, Vermilion Sand, Mega Windblast, the Back Pack, Vitality Rune and the Hyper Blasters. Make sure you have a least 700 HP and very fast speed (about 60). Use Overdrive, then use Psychic Prison, Mega Windblast, Vermilion Sand, Mega Windblast, Hyper Blaster, and Hyper Blaster. The Hyper Blasters should kill Rouge twice. Now repeat and you have the key to victory.

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