Running Wild

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Be Blizzaro
On the options screen press:
Up, Down, L1, Circle, Circle, R1, R2, L1

Be Kostra
On the options screen press:
Up, Up, Square, L2, R2, L2, R2, Down

Be Lunar
On the options screen press:
Down, Down, L1, Up, Square, R2

Be Pyro
On the options screen press:
Up, Down, Circle, Down, L2, Down, R1, L2

Be Rex
On the options screen press:
L2, R2, R1, Up, Square, R2

Be Tox
On the options screen enter:
Circle, Up, Square, Circle, Square, R1, L1

Alternate Uniforms
To change your uniform colour press:
L1 or R1 when choosing a character.


Be T-Rex...the hard way
Beat the challenge mode on hard with the Elephant.

How to access The Jungle
Beat "Challenge" mode on the easy difficulty level to unlock the first hidden stage, Jungle. You can only play this course on the mdeium difficulty level.

Shortcut in Jungle
Jump through next to last waterfall in the Jungle and you will be at the finish line.

Shortcut in Lava Level
In the lava level soon after the finish line, there is a hole all the way to your right right after you jump over all of those lava pits. Run onto the last booster before the hole in the wall and jump into it. This hole cuts across part of the level.

Shortcut on Moon
The shortcut is directly after the split tunnel starts on your left. Run to your right, then jump at the wall on your left after you pass the ramp.

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