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Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure
Also known as: The Adventures of Puppet Princess (Japan)

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SHARTE: Found by Mustaki in the postbox.
Goal: Get Sharte and Terra at Lv 30.
KID: In Mothergreen, go to the house with a big egg in it, then talk to
the old lady beside it and say YES. Then go outside to have KID join your party.
TELL: After get KID in your party, find him in CAVE IN THE WOODS.
BILLY: After find KID and TELL, examine the snowman in Whitesnow.
Goal: After find them, beat CHIMERA in the Ancient Forest.
FLARE: Salsa Volcano.
Goal: After get FLARE, go back to Salsa Volcano to meet FLARE's parents.
L-KUN: Burg's Restaurant.
Goal: Use L-KUN for your costume in the party.
LEDGEM: After examining the rabbit in the TOWER OF WISDOM, find it in WONDER WOODS.
Goal: Go to the lowest level of NEITHERWORLD with the DARK KEY from POLANSKY.
KORO: After Koro(Cornet's neighbor's dog) died, examine its grave to get him.
Goal: When Cornet's neighbor got a fever talk to his mother,then talk to Polansky in the TOWER OF WISDOM, then go to ICE TEMPLE to find the SNOW HERB. You'll find the SNOW HERB in a dead-end. And in that dead end, KORO will appear and disappear. Examine that dead-end to find the SNOW HERB. Then, go back to Cornet's neighbor house and give his mother the SNOW HERB.
CHIBA: The Tower of NInetail
DARK KNIGHT: Cornet's postbox (after the sunken WHALEBUSTER event???)
DUKE: The Tower of Wisdom
ALBATROSS: Temple of Gamma
CAROLINE & MICHAEL: After getting the EARTHSTONE and sad event in FROGBURG castle, go to KEROKERO, and talk to a villager in there. I'm not sure which villager is it. But, if you talk to the right villager, he/she will say that Princess CAROLINE brings MICHAEL's dead body to the ICE TEMPLE. Then, go to the ICE TEMPLE. Find a dead-end with a grave in there. Examine the grave, and CAROLINE and MICHAEL will ask to join your party as TOADS. If you want them to join your party, just play your horn.

Submitted by: GuardianX

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