Resident Evil: Survivor
Also known as: Biohazard: Gun Survivor (Japan)

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Play a game under the normal difficulty setting using no first aid sprays and end with a time less than 1:30:00 with good shooting accuracy to get an S rank. Save the game at the end. Load the saved game to have a rocket launcher with unlimited ammunition.

Defeating Tyrant
Save your magnum ammunition, because this is a very powerful weapon. When your are shooting at Tyrant, always run away from him when he charges you. Fire about three shots with the magnum, and then run . Fire another three shoots and then run away -- your gun is reloading and you cannot kill him while this is happening. You will probably run out of ammunition with this gun - switch to the grenade gun and repeat the same tactics. Shoot him as many times as you want , but try not to get hit. Eventually he will slow and you will be able to kill him.

Defeating Mr. X
To kill Mr. X (Tall man in a green coat), fire one clip of handgun B, run down to the other side of the hall, use another clip, and run down the hall again. Use one last clip and run down the hall. Handgun B is a rapid firing pistol, so it is easy to fire before he hits you.

Dino Crisis poster
In the arcade stage's first room, search the walls to find a Dino Crisis poster.

Handgun A: Default weapon. This gun has a decent firing and reloading rate and is useful when trying to conserve ammunition.

Handgun B: Located in the hospital. It has a lightning-fast firing rate but is slightly slow on reload.

Handgun C: Located in the arcade. It holds less ammo than
Handgun A but has an improved firing and reload rate.

Handgun D: Found in the library stage. This gun can hold eight shots and has greater shot power.
Note: Handguns A through D use the same ammunition.

Shotgun: Located in the prison shower. Very powerful. There is only a limited amount of ammo for it, so use it sparingly.

Grenade Launcher: Located in the underground parking lot of Umbrella HQ. Capable of firing three different rounds (Acid, Flame, Regular grenades). Its ammo is limited, so use it wisely.

Magnum: Located in the factory. More powerful than any other handgun. It has two flaws - it only holds six rounds and is slow to reload.
Rocket Launcher: Best weapon

Hit average percent = score (for example, 75%=75 points). Time (minutes): 0-60 = 100 points, with a 1 point deduction for every minute over 60. Monsters killed: Killing165+ monsters scores 100 points with a 1 point deduction for kill scores below total (for example 164 kills is a 99). Continues used: 0 = 100 points, 1 = 75 points, 2 = 50 points, 3 = 25 points, 4+ = 0 points. First aid spray use: 0 = 100points, 1 = 80 points, 2 = 60 points, 3 = 40 points, 4 = 20 points, 5 = 0 points.

S rank
Complete the game in under an hour (100 points). Kill 165+ undead (100 points). Have a 70% hit ratio (70 points). Do not use continues (100 points). Do not use any first aid sprays (100 points). This will achieve a total of 470 points, which is between the target for an S rank, which is 450 to 500.

See Nemesis
The report on destroyed Racoon City tells parts of the story from each game. Flip between the last two pages to find see a picture of the Nemesis tyrant from Resident Evil 3.

Fastest sequence
The fastest way to go is Alley 1, Restaurant, Alley 2, Arcade, Sewer, Prison,Roof, Umbrella HQ, Gutter, Rott's house/Cable car, Forest, Mansion/Factory, Heliport.

Enemy list
Zombie: A human that came in contact with the T-virus. Use a handgun to destroy this undead creature.
Zombie dog: A zombie dog is the result of a canine being exposed to the T-virus. Unlike the zombie, the dog's flesh rots slowly. Therefore it can move much faster. Just shoot it until it yelps.
Crow: These mutant birds attack in flocks from all angles. Just shoot them once using the handgun and they should die.
Licker A: Results when a zombie is even further contaminated with the T-virus as a result of mutation. Stand your ground and use any high powered gun.
Licker B: Same as Licker A.
Hunter: When the T-virus contaminates human DNA it creates a Hunter. Shoot them twice with the shotgun.
UT Trooper: Disposable troops sent by Umbrella. Use one shot with any weapon.
Giant spider A: T-virus contaminated spider. Any weapon will work well from a distance.
Giant spider B: Same as Spider A.
Giant alligator: When an alligator becomes infected, it grows gigantic.
Giant moth
Large roach
Ivy A
Ivy B (rare)
Mr. X

Real name
At the start, the game will say your name is Vincent, but your name is really Ark.

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