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Premier Manager 2000


Follow the steps below..
1. Play until the end of a season.
2. Refuse any player that needs a new contract.
3. When they enter a Free Transfer, wait until another club is interested in them.
4. Select the player that is being given the offer, then give him a contract and increase the cost to any desired price. They will accept it.

Best players IN THE GAME
The list below are players that are recommended for purchase.

Player .... Team
Sheringham .... Manchester United
Stewert .... Huddersfield
Suker .... Arsenal
Sullivan .... Wimbledon
Wright .... Aston Villa
Baggio .... Parma
Glass .... Swindon
Iversen .... Tottenham
Popovic .... Graz
Ruddock .... West Ham
Shearer .... Newcastle

Submitted by: Solstice H

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