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Level 1 Skull Fortress    ABIAAIIA
Level 2 Hollow Stairway   ACIAEIIC
Level 3 Dungeon Tower     NCAFEBAI
Level 4 Lost Caves        KMACBIGA
Level 5 Fungus Grotto     JFACBIAE
Level 6 Acid Pools        JNACBICE
Boss 1 Shroom Lord        NEAEEBBI
Level 7 Burning Desert    FEIACCDI
Boss 3 Wishing Engine     JPBAEIBE
Level 8 Branky Wastes     JHABBIAI
Level 9 Spider Forest     JNAABICI
Level 10 Canopy Village   NIABEBCI
Level 11 Soldier Barracks AHIAEIJG
Level 12 Honcho's Logmill EPAACCC
Boss 2 Goon Honcho        PIAAEBLA
Level 13 Honcho's Airship AIIAAIJM
Level 14 Dragoon Skyfort  NKAAFBLJ
Level 15 Cloud Citadel    NMAAEBE
Level 16 Efreet Palace    ACMAEIID
Level 17 Frozen Cavern    KJABBIFA
Level 18 Storm Temple     ADMAEIIH
Boss 3 Wishing Engine     JPBAEIBE

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