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NHL Faceoff 2000

99 points for created players
Follow the steps below..
1. Go to create a player and enter one of the names below.
2. Enter 1 as a jersey number.
3. Enter forward for the position.
4. Enter 150 for weight.
5. Keep the player right-handed.
Do not change any other attribute. 
6. Go to Sign Free Agents.
The recently created player should have a number besides 1, weigh more than 150, and have an overall 99.7. Sign the player to your team.

Raja Altenhoff
Tom Braski
Craig Broadbooks
Josh Hassin
Tawn Kramer
Alan Scales
Kelly Ryan
Jody Kelsey
Chris Whaley
Peter Dille
Craig Ostrander


One-timer shot: Press X, Square.
Give-and-Go: Hold X.
Slap shot: Hold Square to wind up all the way before shooting the puck.
Snapshot: Hold Square to wind up halfway, before releasing it to shoot.
Fake shot: Hold Square to wind up, then release and tap Square during the backswing.
Leave the drop pass: Press Triangle.
Speed skate: Hold Circle while skating.
Redirect a shot: Hold Square to wind up, then press X during the backswing.
Icon Passing: Hold L2 and press X, Square, Circle, Triangle, or R2.
Icon Switching: Hold L2 and press X, Square, Circle, Triangle, or R2.
Switch players on defense: Press X.
Switch to goalie: Hold X.
Shoulder check: Hold Circle and press Left or Right.
Hip check: Hold Circle and press Left or Right while skating backwards.
Change defensive strategies: Press L1.
Assign Icons: Press L2.
Change lines: Press R2.
Goalie makes a save: Press Square while controlling the goalie.

Instant replay free-cam
Hold L1 and press the D-pad. Press Triangle to raise and X to lower the camera in free-cam mode.

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