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NHL Breakaway 98


Third Jerseys:
After you hit Start Game on the Set Up screen, hold Right + Square until the rink appears. Your team must be the visitor. This code only works with the following teams that have third jersey designs: Anaheim, Boston, Chicago, Tampa Bay, and the New York Rangers.

Cheat Menus:
Pause your game and press R1, R2, Right, Left, R1 to bring up two cheat menus. They are found in Statistics and are called 'Pete's' and 'Pat's' cheats.

Heritage and Development Teams:
These extra teams may only be selected in Exhibition and Practice modes. There are two types of extra teams.

The first kind have their own players and appear at the beginning of the list when you press L1, L2, Squa

New York Sports - 94 Overall
Salt Lake Frosties - 94 Overall
Canton, MI Ratpack - 82 Overall (Weak Goalie)

The second kind basically take an existing team and changes their jerseys. For example, if you press R1, R1, Circle when you have the Avalanche showing, you'll play the Avalanche players in the Cleveland Barons jerseys.

Cleveland Barons - R1, R1, Circle
Toronto St. Pats - L1, L1, Circle
Oakland Seals - L2, L2, Circle
Kansas City Scouts - R2, R2, Square
Montreal Maroons - L1, R1, Square
Portland Rosebuds - L2, R2, Square
Vancouver Millionaires - R2, L2, Circle
New York Americans - R1, L2, Circle
Hamilton Tigers - L1, R2, Square
Seattle Metropolitans - L2, R1, Square

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