NFL Gameday 97


Go to the start game screen and press:
L1, R1, L2, R2.
You'll be presented with an Easter Egg screen.
Enter DOC to save the codes.


ASSASSIN - Injuries up
ATOMIC BOMB - Explosion on hard hits
BAZOOKA - Quarterback has stronger arm
BIG GIRLS - Cheerleaders are bigger
BIG STARS - Better players are bigger
BLIND REF - Referee misses calls
BLIZZARD - Lots of snow
BO KNOWS - Shoulder charge
BRITTLE - More injuries
BROADWAY JOE - Quarterback is slower but more accurate
BUSY REF - Referee calls more penalties
BUTKAS - Defense hits harder
CREDITS - View the game's credits
CRUNCHY - Hits are louder
DARK NIGHT - Darker in stadium
DEFENSE - Better defense
DEMPSEY - Field-goal range increases
DERVISH - Spins are more effective
DOC - Players don't get hurt
ELECTRIC FB - Players twitch
EQUALIZER - Most players are equal
FLEA CIRCUS - Players are small
FRIDGE - Players are bigger
FROG - Players jump higher
GB SPEED - Play is much faster
GD CHALLENGE - Computer is harder
GENIUS - Computer is smarter
GLOVES - Players catch better
GOLIATH - Players are bigger
HANG TIME - Punts and kickoffs stay in the air longer
HATCHET - Forearm shiver increased
HOGS - Offensive line blocks better
HOME COOKING - Home team has no pass interference or personal fouls
ICE SKATES - Less traction
IDIOT - Computer is worse
INFAMOUS POP UPS - Receivers pop the ball very high when hit
JUGGLER - One handed catches are less effective
JUICE - Speed burst is faster
KARATE - Forearm shiver becomes karate chop
KRAIG - More fumbles
LONG JUMP - Players dive further
LOUD MOUTH - Commentator is louder
MANDARICH - Offensive line is at a disadvantage
NO TIME - Unlimited time
OFFENSE - Improve offense
OUCH - Hurts in the air...
PANCAKE - Wipe out defenders better
PINBALL - Stronger forearm shiver
PISTON - Bounce off stiff arms
REJECTION - Defensive players jump higher
SAYERS - Opposing defensive players miss tackles
SCRAMBLER - Quarterback moves faster
SHOUT - Crowd is louder
SLO MO - Play is slower
SQUALL - Strong wind and rain
STEROIDS - Recover specials faster and computer players are faster
STRETCH - Jump higher on one handed catches
TEMPEST - Dark Stadium
TIGHT COVER - Defense covers receivers closer
TOAST - Secondary plays farther off receivers
TORRETA - Quarterback lobs passes
TWISTER - Wind is very strong

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