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NFL Gameday 2002

Go to the Easter Egg menu and enter the code you require from the list below.. '_' is a space..

Effect .... Code
All Bobo teams .... ALL_BOBO
Ball carrier has speed bursts .... ROCKETMAN
Better defense line .... LINE_BUSTER
Better receivers .... STICKEM
Better running back .... SUPER_FOOT
Big players .... TINY
Cheerleaders pictures after game .... FASHION_SHOW
CPU team is more difficult .... SMARTER_CPU
Crunch time with more hits .... JACKHAMMER
Fast Players .... BOOSTER
Flat players .... TWO_D
Floating players .... POP_WARNER
GameDay stadium .... GRUDGE_MATCH
Hamstring injury when player tries to run .... HAM INJURY
High endurance .... ENDURANCE
Large football .... BIG_PIG
Large players .... GIANTS
Players named after 989 Sports programmers .... 989_SPORTS
Players named after European league stars .... EURO_LEAGUE
Players named after NBA stars .... BASKETBALL
Players named after Redzone programmers .... RED_ZONE
Players named after U.S. Presidents .... OVAL_OFFICE
Reduce fatigue .... FATIGUE
Tall and skinny players .... PENCILS
Unbeatable team .... UNBEATABLE
View credits .... CREDITS

Submitted by: AJ

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